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Consumer Alert - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against DirecTV


Dateline: 02/26/2008
According to a lawsuit filed against DirecTV in Federal Court, it is alleged that the Satellite TV service provider is misleading consumers. Apparently, when subscribers go to a retailer and purchase their satellite box, they have to return the box, if they cancel their satellite service subscription at a later date. In other words, it is alleged that consumers are not being told that their satellite box "purchase" is not really a purchase at all. For more details on this important story, check out the report from TV Predictions.

Related Information: DirecTV's policies and procedures regarding service and cancellation fees.

Update 7/22/09: DirecTV Class Action Lawsuit Allowed To Proceed (Consumer Affairs.com)

Updates 10/11/09: DirecTV Early Cancellation Policy Targeted By Lawsuit (Sacramento Bee)

DirecTV On The Hot Seat (Multi-Channel News)

Update 10/15/09: Complaints Swell Against DirecTV Early Cancellation Policies

Update 11/25/09: California Court Ruling May Pave Way For Class Action Lawsuits Against DirecTV (Kern Valley Sun)

Update 12/15/09: Washington State Outlines Case Against DirecTV (Consumer Affairs.com)

Update 1/14/10: Los Angeles BBB Pounces on DirecTV For Poor Customer Service (Los Angeles Better Business Bureau)

Update 2/1/10: Washington State TV Station Investigates DirecTV Complaints (KING 5 TV)

Update 2/18/10: DirecTV Experiences a Big Drop in New Subscribers (TV Predictions)

Update 7/29/10: New Lawsuit Against DirecTV Filed in Florida (Miami Herald)

Update 8/4/10: Better Business Bureau Inundated With DirecTV and Dish Network Complaints (TV Predictions)

Update 12/16/10: Consumer Alert: DirecTV Settles State Lawsuits - Consumer Group Vows Further Action

Update 5/25/11: DirecTV Gets Another Low Score From the BBB

Update 12/7/11: DirecTV Cancellation Policies Still Prompting Class Action Lawsuits (Consumer Watchdog.org)

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