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Hisense K610 and K360M Series LED/LCD TVs - Products of the Week


Hisense K610 and K360M Series LED/LCD TVs - Products of the Week
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  • Dateline: 04/12/2013
    If you are looking for a new TV, Hisense now has four new LCD TVs available, via Walmart Stores, for U.S. consumers. The first two are the 50 and 55-inch K610 series which incorporate built-in Smart TV and Internet Streaming features that are accessible via built-in WiFi, on top of their 1080p native display resolution, LED backlighting, and 120Hz screen refresh rate.

    The other two sets comprise the Hisense K360M series. These sets come in smaller 40 and 46 screen sizes, with 1080p screen resolution, LED backlighting, and 60Hz screen refresh rate. However, unlike the K610's they don't have Smart TV or Internet Streaming features built-in, but what they do have is an MHL-enabled HDMI port that allows consumers to add Smart TV and Internet Streaming access by plugging in an optional Roku Streaming Stick.

    The streaming stick provides all the functionality (including its own WiFi connectivity) that a standalone Roku Media player offers, but on a plug-in device that is not much larger than a typical USB Flash Drive. This certainly cuts down on the number of connection cable to your TV, and the Streaming Stick offers access to a lot more services than what is normally built into a Smart TV.

    In addition to the Roku Streaming Stick, the MHL-HDMI port provided on the K360M series sets also allow consumers to access audio and video content stored on compatible smartphones and tablets.

    To find out more about these new LED/LCD TVs from Hisense, check out the Official Product Pages for the K610 and K360M Series.

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    Check your local Walmart (or Walmart.com) for availability and pricing. Image provided by Hisense USA

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