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Home Theater May 2012 Archive


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Marantz Intros SR-Series Home Theater Receivers for 2012/2013

Tuesday May 29, 2012
Following the recent release of its newest slim line home theater receivers, Marantz (which is part of D+M Holdings) is also announcing three new receivers in its higher-end SR line, ... Read More

Sony BDP-S790 3D Network Blu-ray Player - Review and Photos

Monday May 28, 2012
The Sony BDP-S790 is a slim profile Blu-ray Disc player that packs it a lot under the hood. This player features 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc playback, and is also ... Read More

Official CES 2012 Attendance Numbers Revealed

Sunday May 27, 2012
Based on newly released attendance numbers for the 2012 International CES, held this past January in Las Vegas, you wouldn't think that things have been tough recently for many segments ... Read More

LG Reveals More Details on 55EM9600 OLED TV

Saturday May 26, 2012
Since the announcement at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past January that both LG and Samsung are going to make large screen OLED TVs available by year's end, ... Read More

Dish Network's Auto Hop Commercial Skipper - Let The Lawsuits Begin!

Friday May 25, 2012
Recently, I reported on a new service that Dish Network is offering to users of its Hopper HD DVR that allows the playback of recorded TV programs from the four ... Read More

Pioneer VSX-1022-K Network Home Theater Receiver - Product of the Week

Friday May 25, 2012
If you are looking for a mid-range home theater receiver that not only features solid traditional audio and video features, but can also accommodate the increasing number of digital and ... Read More

Mitsubishi Announces New Large Screen DLP TVs for 2012

Wednesday May 23, 2012
Mitsubishi may be the only remaining manufacturer of rear-projection DLP TVs, but if you are looking for the largest screen display possible, for the lowest price, and don't want to ... Read More

Wireless TV Remote Control Inventor Dies at Age 96

Tuesday May 22, 2012
Most of you have probably never head of Eugene Polley, but his pioneering invention, the wireless TV remote control, paved the way for the couch potato generation. Developed during his ... Read More

Sony STR-DH830 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Review and Photos

Tuesday May 22, 2012
The Sony STR-DH830 is a reasonably priced home theater receiver that provides up to a 7.1 channel speaker configuration, supported by Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and Dolby Pro Logic ... Read More

The Avengers Set To Conquer Blu-ray and DVD in Late Septmber

Monday May 21, 2012
If you haven't had a chance to see The Avengers at your local cinema, I enthusiastically recommend it, but if you don't get a chance see it on the big ... Read More

New Study Checks Status of 3D TV

Saturday May 19, 2012
In a new study by Park Associates, it has been revealed that although 3D TVs are steadily selling, adoption has been slower than expected. In addition, it was found the ... Read More

Dolby Improves Effectiveness of Dolby TrueHD

Friday May 18, 2012
Dolby Labs is definitely mindful that constant improvement in audio enhances both the movie theater and home theater experience, especially with its recent Dolby Atmos announcement. However, how much more ... Read More

Onkyo TX-NR414 Network Home Theater Receiver - Product of the Week

Friday May 18, 2012
If you are looking for a home theater receiver that can be purchased for about $400 but packs in a lot of features, consider the Onkyo TX-NR414. The TX-NR414 provides ... Read More

Toshiba Halts TV Production In Japan

Thursday May 17, 2012
In another sign of the depressed TV market, Toshiba has announced that it will stop manufacturing TVs in Japan, at least for the time being. However, it will continue to ... Read More

Sound Bar Sales See Substantial Growth

Thursday May 17, 2012
An increasing number consumers are taking advantage of Sound Bars to improve their TV viewing experience, at least that is according to the latest available figures from a new study ... Read More

Marantz Announces NR1403 and NR1603 Slim-Line Home Theater Receivers

Thursday May 17, 2012
Marantz has just announced two new Home Theater Receivers with slim profile styling for smaller spaces, the NR1403 and NR1603. First off, both receivers are rated at 50 watts-per-channel (measured ... Read More

Denon Intros IN-Command "13" Series Home Theater Receivers

Wednesday May 16, 2012
Denon adds to its previously announced home theater receivers for 2012/13 with its new IN-Command Series entries, the AVR-2113CI ($649.99), AVR-2313CI ($899.99), and AVR-3313CI ($1,199.99). The common thread tying this ... Read More

Sony and Panasonic May Combine On OLED TVs

Tuesday May 15, 2012
Things certainly have been interesting lately in the TV manufacturing biz. With several major manufacturers experiencing financial losses, due to a combination of over production and softer-that-expected demand, times are ... Read More

German TV Maker Loewe Denies Apple Acquisition Rumors

Sunday May 13, 2012
In a previous report, I stated that "Apple has a tendency to surprise us" (referring specifically to its supposedly forthcoming "iTV" product), and the latest "news" is becoming "curioser and ... Read More

Dolby and Onkyo Announce Dolby TrueHD Music Downloads

Saturday May 12, 2012
Dolby TrueHD, one of the two high-resolution lossless audio formats used in Blu-ray disc releases, moves into the music-only realm with the incorporation of Dolby TrueHD in a new series ... Read More

Dish Network Offers Automatic Commercial Skipping

Saturday May 12, 2012
In a phone-in press conference on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 Dish Network announced a new feature for its Hopper HD DVR users that allows the playback of recorded prime time ... Read More

Underworld: Awakening 3D Blu-ray Disc - Product of the Week

Friday May 11, 2012
If you are looking for a good example of 3D execution, the release of Underworld: Awakening might just your cup of tea. The film is the fourth in the semi-popular ... Read More

Toshiba Intros Second 4K LED/LCD TV

Thursday May 10, 2012
There has been a lot talk in the past year or so about 4K resolution TVs, and even though several manufacturers have shown off impressive prototypes at trade shows, so ... Read More

Samsung Reveals More Details on Impending OLED TV Release

Thursday May 10, 2012
LG and Samsung first debuted pre-production models of their 55-inch OLED TVs at CES this past January. Since then, LG has made a follow-up announcement that it was going push ... Read More

Panasonic SC-HTB350 2.1 Channel Home Theater System - Review and Photos

Thursday May 10, 2012
The Panasonic SC-HTB350 provides a practical way to get better sound for your TV viewing, without a lot of speakers. The SC-HTB350 combines a "multi-positional" speaker system that can be ... Read More

Consumer Alert: TV Prices Going Up

Wednesday May 9, 2012
If you are considering the purchase of an LCD or Plasma TV and haven't parted with your cash yet, now may be a good time as it looks like prices ... Read More

LG Announces New Google TV Products Coming Soon

Tuesday May 8, 2012
LG has announced that it will debut a new TV line that features an updated version of the Google TV platform. No specific model numbers were mentioned, but according to ... Read More

KEF Announces LS50 Mini Monitor Speakers

Saturday May 5, 2012
As part of their 50th anniversary celebration, well-regarded speaker manufacturer KEF has announced the coming availability of its new LS50 mini monitor speakers. The LS50 incorporates some unique features. The ... Read More

Apple May Be Retreating from "iTV" Set Introduction

Friday May 4, 2012
Despite a lot speculation over the course of the past couple of years, the rumored introduction by Apple of its "iTV" may remain that, just a rumor, a least for ... Read More

Netgear NeoTV NTV200 Media Streamer - Product of the Week

Friday May 4, 2012
Internet streaming is becoming a more common built-in feature on Blu-ray Disc players and newer TVs, but what if you don't have such a unit? Actually, you can still join ... Read More

Pioneer Adds Five Home Theater Receivers To 2012 Elite Line

Thursday May 3, 2012
Pioneer follows up its currently available VSX-42 and VSX-60 Elite Receivers with five additional entries, SC-61, SC-63, SC-65, SC-67, and SC-68. Starting at $1,100 for the SC-61, the price ... Read More

Best Buy Partners with Optoma on Video Projector Exclusive

Wednesday May 2, 2012
Best Buy has partnered with Optoma Technology, to offer an affordable video projector, the HD23, exclusively through Best Buy Stores and BestBuy.com. The main standout feature of the Optoma HD23 ... Read More

Dolby Secures 20-Year Naming Rights to Former Kodak Theatre

Tuesday May 1, 2012
In a phone press conference, Dolby announced today (May 1st 2012) that it has concluded a 20-year deal for naming rights to the former Kodak Theatre, located at the Hollyood ... Read More

Episode ES-SUB-CUB8-110 Subwoofer Review and Photos

Tuesday May 1, 2012
The Episode ES-SUB-CUB8-110 is an 8-inch subwoofer that provides good bass response is great for small or medium-sized rooms. The ES-SUB-CUB8-110 delivers smooth low frequency response for both movies and ... Read More

Panasonic Shows Off 145-inch 8K Resolution Plasma TV Prototype

Tuesday May 1, 2012
Although Panasonic has experienced a financial downturn in its TV business, you wouldn't know it with its recent unveiling of a 145-inch Plasma Display that features an 8K resolution ... Read More

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