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Home Electronics Industry News -- April 2000

NOTE: This page is an archive for previously posted news stories from April 2000 - Since most of the links are now inactive, they have been removed. However, the headlines and summaries are still posted to historically document the news headlines from the dates listed.

RIAA Wins Against MP3.com
A U.S. Federal Court rules that MP3.com violated copyright law in its music download service.

Onkyo Delivers True EX Receiver
Onkyo unveils its latest AV Receiver, the TX-DS989, which is equipped for Dolby-EX decoding. This one has it all, including seven channels of amplification (130WPC) and a $3,200 price tag.

Panasonic PVRs Now In Stores
The Panasonic Showstopper, its new PVR (Personal Video Recorder) based on ReplayTV Technology, is now available at retail outlets.

Brazil Weighs HDTV Options
As DTV/HDTV broadcasting becomes a worldwide effort, Brazil is trying decide between the European, Japanese, or U.S. standards.

M&K Introduces New Small High-Performance Home Theater Speaker
Miller & Kreisel Sound introduces a new small Home Theater speaker with a power handling capacity of 200W, yet only having a 4" Woofer and 1" tweeter. Dubbed the LCR-45, this speaker is equally useful as a main, center, or surround unit in a 5.1 Home Theater system.

TIVO Users To Have Access To Web Movies
TIVO (makers of the Personal Video Recorders) and iFILM (providers of films and programming via the internet), have joined forces bring iFILM's animation and short film programming that can be displayed in full screen on a home television.

New MP3 Player For CF Card Fans
iPlayMP3, a new Silicon Valley company, has introduced a new MP3 Player that is Compact Flash Card based, which gives this new player greatly expanded storage capacity for MP3 files.

DVD Player Sales Explode
Although LaserDisc never captured the hearts and the pocketbooks of the average consumer, its descendant, DVD is taking the consumer market by storm.

Nielsen Media Adapts To PVRs
As technology changes the way we view TV, the methods of gathering TV ratings is changing as well. Find out how the Nielsen Company is adapting to this issue.

Pacific Microsonics Announces HDCD For All Kenwood 4000A/V Receivers
Kenwood has incorporated HDCD decoding capabilities in its new 4000 line of A/V Receivers, expanding the availability of HDCD decoding for CD's and (soon) DVD's (and also making some money for Pacific Microsonics).

SONY Music To Offer Downloads
After a couple of years of controversy and lawsuits over MP3, SONY will offer downloads of its music over the net, with other major labels to follow soon.

DTV Standard Battle Rages At NAB
Proponents of both the European (COFDM) and U.S. (8-VSB) DTV/HDTV broadcasting standards faced off at this year's NAB (National Association Of Broadcasters) Meeting.

Showtime Launches HDTV Strategy
Showtime enters the HDTV cable/satellite transmission arena, joining HBO and CBS as a growing source of HD programming.

JVC Announces DV/S-VHS Dual Deck VCR
Inexpensive Pro-quality video editing at home takes a another step forward with JVC's announment of its new DV/SVHS VCR.

Digital Radio Proponents Cite Gains
Digital Radio continues its slow implementation in the U.S. with some agreement on standards and technology.

Panasonic Intros HDTV Products At NAB
Panasonic demontrates its committment to HDTV at this year's NAB Convention by debuting its new HDTV Sets for the consumer market, including one DLP Projection Set.

FCC Chairman Blasts Broadcasters
The Broadcasters attending the NAB Convention this week are feeling the heat from the FCC on their slow progress towards DTV broadcasting.

Philips Announces DTV Strategy
In the wake of SONY and Panasonic unveiling their DTV strategy at this Year's NAB Convention, Philips follows suit today with its emphasis on the availability of HD Set-top Converter Boxes.

PVR Debuts On Web
In the wake of products such as TIVO and ReplayTV, RecordTV.com takes the PVR concept further by putting it right on the Internet.

SONY And Panasonic Firmly Behind HDTV
As the 2000 NAB Convention gets underway in Las Vegas, SONY and Panasonic unveil their strategies for supporting DTV/HDTV Broadcasting and consumer product availability.

National Association Of Broadcasters Convention Begins
Manufacturers and Broadcasters from across the Nation converge on Las Vegas for the annual NAB convention (April 10-13). The buzz--HDTV and related issues.

Third Generation Chip Enhances Indoor Reception Of HDTV
In an effort to address potential indoor reception problems with DTV, Zenith unveiled a new demodulator chip at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention that improves reception of DTV/HD sets using indoor antennas.

RCA Demos New HD Sets
An audience of Government officials got a sneak preview of the RCA's new HD-Ready TVs this past week.

Parts Shortages Test CE Suppliers
Having trouble finding that latest electronic gadget because all the stores are out of stock? It seems that many manufacturers are having a hard time meeting demmand.

RadioShack March Sales Increase 17%
Despite the failures of Incredible Universe, Computer City, and the recent tornado, Radio Shack just keeps rolling along. Are they indestructable or what?

Pinnacle Systems Introduces PC-HDTV
Pinnacle Systems, famous for its inexpensive PC video editing products, introduces PC-HDTV, which allows users to watch High Definition TV on their home PC's.

China May Follow Its Own Terrestial HDTV Path
HDTV in China? You bet, and this report has all the details.

Best Buy Posts Record Annual Earnings
Citing an improved product mix and changing sales strategies, Best Buy, the largest brick-and-mortar Electronics Retailer in the U.S., posts record earnings for fiscal 2000.

Star Wars: Episode One Released
Star Wars: Epsisode I - The Phantom Menace is out on video. Is it worth it? Check this special report by your About.com Guide either by clicking on the above link or in listening to an abbreviated version via Real Audio.

Court Rules Against Microsoft
Microsoft is dealt a big blow to its ego, its stock, and its future with today's latest court ruling, declaring it a monopoly.

VTech Acquires Lucent Assets, AT&T Trademark
Lucent gets out of the telephone manufacturing business by finalizing an agreement with VTech to take over its telephone manufacturing business.

Samsung Introduces Flat Panel Computer/TV Monitor
Technology convergence is the name of the game these days and Samsung introduces two versions of its Flat Panel Computer Display that can also serve as a stand-alone TV Monitor with its built-in Tuner and AV Inputs.

Panasonic Introduces New PVRs
Panasonic, teaming up with ReplayTV, introduces two Personal Video Recorders (Tapeless VCRs). The units will ship under the name "Showstopper".

TV-Web Meets DVD
Eisa.com, an ISP (Internet Service Provider), introduces a hybrid Internet Appliance/DVD player, the NEO iDVD. The price: $99. The catch: You have to sign-up for Eisa.com's internet service.

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