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Home Electronics Industry News -- August 2001

NOTE: This page is an archive for previously posted news stories from August 2001 - Since most of the links are now inactive, they have been removed. However, the headlines and summaries are still posted to historically document the news headlines from the dates listed.

Philips New DVDR1000 Awarded "European Digital Video Recorder Of The Year 2001-2002"
The Philips DVD recorder, utilizing the DVD+RW format, has received glowing reviews at this year's IFA 2001 Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin. While other DVD recording formats have been on the market for a year-or-so, Philips claims its system is not only the easiest to use, but is the most compatible with current DVD players and computer DVD-Rom drives.

Fourth Annual DVD Awards At The DVD Entertainment 2001 Conference
What are the best DVDs of this past year? Find out what must-have DVDs you need to own to show off your home theater system.

ReplayTV Readies Ultra DVR Player For Hardware Re-entry
One of the original developers of the DVR (PVR) concept, along with TIVO, ReplayTV, now a part of Sonic Blue, is preparing to release a new "turbo-charged" DVR to the consumer market. One possible model could have as much as 320 hour video storage capacity for a price of $1,999. Another feature may be video email capability.

SACD Gets Universal Boost
SACD (Super Audio CD) gets a major committment from the Universal Music Group to release both remastered and original recordings in the new audio format promoted by Sony and Philips.

CacheVision Unveils Open Video Recorder Platform
CacheVision, a partnership between Thomson Multimedia and Seagate, hopes to jumpstart the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) market by introducing an open platform that any interested parties can use to develop PVR-based products and services. Currently, existing PVR platforms, TIVO and ReplayTV, are based on proprietary technology.

Pioneer To Launch $20M Brand Campaign During Mid-October
"Sound.Vision.Soul" -- These are the keywords to Pioneer's massive U.S. marketing campaign to begin later this Fall. Although Pioneer has been on the forefront of most consumer electronics product categories, especially with its Recordable CD, DVD, and Elite home theater products, most consumers identify Pioneer only with Car Audio. This new campaign hopes to change that.

Consumer Interest in Digital Video Recorders on the Rise, Says New CEA Survey
Digital Video Recorders (video is recorded on a hard-drive rather than videotape) have been with us for about three years, but haven't quite caught the consumer market by storm.

Cable Carriage of Digital Television Broadcast Signals Imperative for DTV Success
Digital TV is slowy making its way into the market, but in almost all localities the only way to receive a DTV signal is by an antenna. According to the Consumer Electronics Assocication, DTV signals must be carried by Cable Systems in order to secure its long term success.

Recordable DVD Council To Support DVD Forum Standards With Worldwide Push
Is recordable DVD finally getting its act together? The recordable DVD Council hopes so, as its 66-members (made up of manufacturers and technology developers) come to a consensus on world-wide standards.

Circuit City Plugs Into Amazon.com
Circuit City and Amazon.com team up for a multi-year etailing venture that enables consumers to order electronics products online and pick them up at their local Circuit City store.

HP unveils first DVD+RW drive
The battle over recordable DVD supremecy heats up as Hewlett-Packard aligns itself the DVD+RW camp with a new PC DVD+RW drive for just $599.

1 In 3 Stations To Miss DTV Deadline
According to the FCC's original timelime, all TV stations in the U.S. are required to be able to transmit a digital TV signal by May 1, 2002. Current trends, however, indicate that about a third of U.S. TV stations will miss this checkpoint.

Sony, faced with reduced sales worldwide this past year, will layoff many of its US employees, but will resist cutting its Japanese workforce.

Bose’s First 3 DVD Systems Include Virtual-Surround Model
BOSE enters the DVD age with updated versions of their popular lifestyle systems that include DVD playback built-in.

Australia To Ban Early DVD Imports
The practice of allowing the importation of DVD titles into Australia before (or while) the theatrical version of the title is in movie theaters may soon come to an end. This may bode well for theater owners, but Australian DVD consumers may just have to wait a little longer to see that blockbuster at home.

Audio Product Subcategories Post Winners During June
Home theater systems, MP3 players, mobile and portable audio products continue sales surges in June.

Best Buy Acquires Top Canadian CE Chain
Best Buy, already the largest consumer electronics chain in the U.S., goes multi-national with its aquisition of the 88 stores of Canada's Future Shop. Having purchased Magnolia HiFi, Suncoast Video, Sam Goody, and Muiscland late last year, Best Buy's empire has more than doubled in size in the last twelve months.

Australia Probes DVD Regional Coding In PC Drives
The controversy of DVD region coding continues to heat up as Australian officials investigate complaints from DVD users concerning player lock up after changing region settings.

'Shrek' DVD Will Be Bursting At The Seams
If you haven't experienced the full potential of the DVD format, perhaps the upcoming release of SHREK, this Summer's animated hit from Dreamworks, will entice you. With several hours of extra material, including an expanded musical ending, both Pan/Scan and Widescreen versions, and interative DVD-Rom features, this may be the best DVD release yet.

Panasonic Aims To Bring The Excitement Of Digital Television To More Consumers With Its New HDTV Projection Monitor
Panasonic's continued support for HDTV is evident with the introduction of its new 47" HD Projection Monitor, PT-47WX49, priced at just $2,099.

CE Retail Sales Wilt In July
The continued lack-luster economy took its tool on specialty CE retailers as budget-minded consumers fled to disount outlets in July.

Cerwin-Vega Introduces New RL-28W Dual 8-Inch Powered Subwoofer For Home Theatre And Audio Applications
Capitalizing on the need for more sound in less space, Cerwin-Vega introduces a new compact subwoofer incorporating two 8" drivers.

DISH Network Announces New "I Like 9" Promotion...
DISH Network gets aggressive with its new enticing offer of 100 satellite channels for $9.00 a month, with purchase of systems priced $199 and up.

Matsushita Unveils 1st All-In-One still, Video Digicam
In order to put a dent in Sony's dominance in both the consumer digital video and digital still camera markets, Matsushita announces its first miniDV camcorder with a detachable digital still camera. The NV-EX21 will be introduced in Japan later this year, with a target U.S. release next spring.

DVD Entertainment 2001 Conference & Technology Showcase
Famed alternative film director, John Waters, will be the featured keynote speaker at this year's DVD Entertainment 2001 Conference & Technology Showcase, which highlights developments and future prospects for the DVD industry. The event will held on August 22-23 in Los Angeles.

Illegal DirecTV Viewers In The Crosshairs
DirecTV goes after individual consumers in its fight against signal piracy. If you have purchased an illegal access card from a "hacker", you just might be on DirecTV's hit list.

VOD Takes Chunk Out Of Video Rentals In Illinois
Is the age of the video rental store coming to an end? A survey of Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View cable services in Illinois may be a foretelling of things to come.

Sony Begins Shipping New DVD Dream System Lineup
It was just about a two years ago that SONY unveiled its SACD (Super Audio CD) format with a $4,000 two-channel player. Now, SONY is incorporating its new multi-channel SACD technology into its latest series of "DVD Dream Systems", which adds multi-channel SACD (as well as CD-R/RW) playback to its DVD/CD Home Theater-In-A-Box Systems, starting at about $600.

Apex Digital Device Plays Kodak Picture CDs
Apex, makers of the legendary AD-600A DVD player, has just been chosen by Kodak and ESS to be the first manufacturer with the ability to play Kodak Picure CDs.

Pioneer Fiscal Q1 Profit Climbs 7%
Blostered by the demand for DVD players and Car Audio products, Pioneer saw increased profits last quarter, despite overall slowing sales in North America.

From The UK - Terrestrial TV Viewing Drops To All-time Low
As Pay and Satellite TV gain in popularity in the UK, traditional TV outlets such as the BBC and independent TV stations are seeing huge decrease in viewership.

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