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Home Electronics Industry News -- January 2003

NOTE: This page is an archive for previously posted news stories from January 2003 - Since most of the links are now inactive, they have been removed. However, the headlines and summaries are still posted to historically document the news headlines from the dates listed.

Zenith Recalls Projection TVs
OOPS! Zenith is recalling 80,000 projection TVs made from 1995-1998 for a potential fire hazard due to a CRT coolant leak.

Samsung And Klipsch Team Up For New Home Theatre-In-A-Box System
Samsung has merged its DVD technology with Klipsch's world-renown horn speaker technology in a new home theater-in-a-box system that is expected to become a favorite amongst consumers. The HT-SK6 is a system featuring a fully functional single-disc progressive scan DVD player with a built-in 5.1 channel amplifier. For Klipsch's part, they are contributing their new Quintet micro-speaker system, featuring the smallest horn-loaded speakers yet.

Sinclair Gains Support In Fight For Minimum DTV Tuner Requirements
Even though the FCC is mandating the inclusion of DTV tuners in most TVs in the coming years, no minimum performance standards for them have been adopted.

JVC Previewed HD Camcorder At CES
JVC announces the development of a consumer High Definition camcorder. Using standard miniDV cassettes, JVC claims that the user can record 60 minutes of HD video.

CEA Adopts Standard Method Of Measurement For DVD-Video Players
In order to make comparisons easier for both consumers and DVD player manufacturers, news standards for the evaluation of DVD player performance characteristics have been adopted by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). For more details, check out the above report from CEA.

GRAMMY Awards To Be Broadcast In 5.1 Surround Sound
This year's Grammy Awards take on a new dimension as the festivities will be broadcast by CBS in both 1080i High Definition video and 5.1 Channel Audio.

Cable TV Banned In Afghanistan, Subscribers Angry
After paying 100 dollars for a cable TV connection and a ten dollar monthly service fee, the 1,100 cable TV subscribers in Afghanistan are just getting a blank screen.

Wherehouse Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Blaming the trend of internet downloading of music and competition from discount stores, Wherehouse Music goes into chapter 11 for the second time in thirty years. For more details, check out the above report from Audio Revolution.

Philips HTiBs Get DVD+RW, SACD
Philips announced four new home theater-in-box systems for release later this year. Two of the systems (priced at $599 and $999) will include SACD playback, while a third system (priced at $1,299) will the first HTIB from any manufacturer to include a DVD+R/+RW recorder. Also announced was a new basic HTIB system equipped with wireless surround speakers (priced at $499).

Universal, Multichannel Music Players Make Gains
DVD-Audio and SACD are making their way into more mainstream products as more companies debuted low-cost universal players at this year's CES.

Sonicblue May Bail
Amidst heavy debt and controversy over some aspects of its ReplayTV technology, SonicBlue is seeking to sell of its ReplayTV and Rio Digital Audio Player divisions. For more details on this surprising turn of events, check out the above report form Stereophile Guide To Home Theater.

CES 2003: CD Compatible DVD-Audio On Its Way
The war between SACD and DVD-Audio continues as the DVD-Audio camp finally confirms that CD-compatible DVD-Audio discs (allowing DVD-Audio discs to be played in all CD players as well) will be arriving on store shelves soon. Basically, the DVD-Audio/DTS layers will be on one side of the disc and a standard CD audio layer will be on the opposite side of the disc. For more details, check out the above report from High Fidelity Review.

Home Video (DVD & VHS) Out Sells Feature Films, Video Games and Movies in 2002
The face of entertainment has changed drastically in the past few years. For more specifics on how home video has revolutionized the entertainment landscape, check out the above report from Audio Revolution.

Largest International CES Ever Ignites Industry Optimism
With over 110,000 attendees from 128 countries and 2,283 exhibitors, CES 2003 was the largest and most enthusiastic ever.

ESPN joins the HDTV community as it announces that it will begin simulcasting its main channel in HD beginning this March. This will give owners of HDTVs another programming source to watch. For more details, check out the above report from Audio Revolution.

Forum To Select Next-generation DVD Codec By March
While the consumer market is still experiencing confusion with competing current recordable DVD formats, the DVD Forum is trying to avoid this issue with future recordable HD-DVD products by establishing standards now, before HD-DVD recorders are available to the public.

Best Buy Plans 3 New Area Stores
Despite the mixed economy, Best Buy continues aggressive expansion of its core business. As such, BB is deliberately target turn dominated by Circuit City.

Recordable DVD Format Advocates Push Their Views
The DVD Forum and DVD+RW Alliance squared off in back-to-back news conferences (even serving the same food to woo the press into attending) at CES to explain their positions regarding the DVD recording landscape and how each of their respective formats deserve the dominant place in the marketplace.

CES 2003: Dark Side Of The Moon Is Coming To SACD
The wait is finally over, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" will be out on SACD in March. For the latest update on this exciting release, check out the above report from High Fidelity Review.

Lexicon Announces Universal DVD-Audio/SACD Player
High-end Audio component maker Lexicon, joins the growing ranks of manufacturers embracing both SACD and DVD-Audio by introducing a universal unit that will play both formats. For more details on this and other announcements by Lexicon at this years's CES, check out the above report by High Fidelity Review.

Toshiba Shares Its Integrated HDTV Plans For Later ’03
Toshiba cements its committment to the HDTV infrastructure by announcing a new line of fully integrated HDTVs for sale later this year.

2003 CES Day One
New satellite radio products and services and Universal DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio players highlighted the audio portion of pre-CES show events in Las Vegas. For more on this and other CES announcements so far, check out the above report from Stereophile.

Dutine: Philips’ NA Business Turning Around
After expressing doubts concerning the long term viability of its Nofth American Consumer Electronics operations at last year's CES, Gottfried Dutine (CEO of Philips) reassured the press at a CES news conference today that all is well for Philips' North American operations.

2003 International CES Opens Thursday
The annual pilgramage to the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) begins as press, manufacturers, and buyers from all over the world converge on Las Vegas.

E-tailers Cheer Holiday Sales Surge
This past holiday shopping season was a mixed-bag for brick-and-mortar retailers, but online shopping sites reaped and increased harvest of shoppers. To find out more, check out the above report from CNET.

Dolby Laboratories Is "The Sound of Entertainment" At CES
Dolby Labs will be onhand at CES Las Vegas (Jan 9-12) with a large exhibit featuring a whole host of surround sound technologies, including the introduction of Dolby Virtual Speaker, which uses digital audio processing to create a 5.1 channel environment from just two speakers.

CES Advisory: New DVD-Audio Players in Las Vegas
DVD-Audio will have a large presence at the coming CES in Las Vegas as several high-end and mainstream manufacturers will be demonstrating new DVD players with DVD-Audio compatibility. For more details, check out the above report from High Fidelity Review.

A Firefight over Burning DVDs
Maverick company 321 Studios has created DVD burning software (DVDxCopy) that allows users to make exact copies of pre-recorded DVDs for a price of $99. Needless to say, the movie studios aren't to happy and are trying to remove DVDxCopy from the market.

Star Trek: Nemesis Coming To Multichannel SACD
SACD gets another boost as the Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for Star Trek: Nemesis gets the full multi-channel SACD treatment. In addition, the SACD edition will also include a two-channel stereo and standard CD mix. For more details on this, check out the above report from HIgh Fidelity Review.

Is The RIAA Honest...?
Recent revelations regarding true nature of a recent crackdown on CD piracy questions the credibility of the RIAA (Recording Association Of America). For the full expose' check out the above report from Enjoy The Music.

Retailing: Mixed Results
Tweeter and Good Guys take big hits, Best Buy and Circuit City hang on, and Walmart and Target take a bigger slice of the consumer electronics pie. It was a mixed bag for consumer electronics retailers in 2002. For a perspective, check out the abover report from Stereophile.

For additional News Stories check out my Home Electronics Industry News Archives.

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