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Home Electronics Industry News -- JULY 2002

NOTE: This page is an archive for previously posted news stories from July 2002 - Since most of the links are now inactive, they have been removed. However, the headlines and summaries are still posted to historically document the news headlines from the dates listed.

Toshiba Q1 CE Sales Increase 18%
Things are happy in Toshiba-land as the Digital Television and DVD player leader posted a large sales increase in the first quarter of 2002.

Cox Brings HDTV to Las Vegas
Delivering HDTV over cable is slowly becoming a reality as Cox Communications announces HD-cable availability in its Las Vegas market. Cox subscribers will be able to access all local and several national cable HDTV feeds.

XM Satellite Radio Reshapes 100-Channel Lineup
XM Satellite Radio shows its flexibility and responds to user requests to add and change its channel lineup. Included in the restructuring will be its first premium channel, Playboy Radio. A new channel for audio books and radio dramas is also being added. For more details on additional changes at XM, check out the above report from Audio Revolution.

Time Warner to Offer Digital STBs
Time-Warner continues its foray into interactive television with an announcement that they will offer new digital set-top boxes to cable subscribers with TIVO/ReplayTV capabilities, such as hard disc video recording and the ability to pause live TV. For more info on this, check out the above report from Stereophile Guide To Home Theater.

Next Wave Of D-VHS HD Movies Announced
Even though JVC makes the only VCR that can play them, the second wave of D-VHS D-Theater format videos are slated for store shelves. Titles include: Galaxy Quest, Independence Day, and Entrapment.

Onkyo Unveils 6.1-Channel HTIB
Onkyo announces its new 6.1 channel Home-Theater-In-A-Box system which includes a 5-Disc DVD changer, an AV receiver with Dolby Digital-EX, DTS-ES, and Dolby Pro-Logic II processing, and all necessary loudspeakers.

Picture Quality Drove Winning Hitachi PJTV
Which rear projection TV currently on the market is really the best? According to NPD TechWorld, the Hitachi 53UWX10B is the best value in its product class for both picture quality and features.

XM Radio Q2 Nearly Doubles Subscribers
Satellite Radio continues to make inroads with the U.S. consumer as XM announces an addition of over 60,000 consumers to its subscriber base in the 2nd quarter of 2002.

Samsung And Klipsch Team Up For Home Theatre-In-A-Box
Samsung, a leader in inexpensive DVD players and Klipsch, world renown leader loudspeaker technology, team up for innovative compact home theater-in-a-box system that includes a power DVD/AV receiver combo and Klipsch's Quintet loudspeakers.

DVD will soon be apart of the family breakfast table as Columbia announces a promotion to expose DVD to more families via the inclusion of free DVDs on select cereal boxes.

Have Roll-Up TV, Will Travel
First there was tube TV, then projection, then LCD, then Plasma, and now there is "roll-up TV". To find out more on the debut of this exciting technology, check out the above report from Wired.

Find out which DVDs and VHS movie releases were the top sellers and renters for the past year, as voted by the Video Software Dealers Association.

Powell Blasts CEA On Digital Tuners
The battle over the DTV conversion timetable continues as FCC Chairman, Michael Powell, confronts the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) over its delay in implementing his timetable for the installation of DTV tuners in all TV sets .

As DVD continues its growth in popularity, most consumers are buying DVD movies rather than renting them. Some industry analysts are concerned that the video rental market will diminish substantially in the coming years.

"Fair Use" in Peril
Once again, the freedom of U.S. citizens to share information and entertainment is in peril as Congress considers legislation that just may make sharing that videotape recording you made of your favorite TV show with a friend illegal. For more details on this continuing controversy, check out the above report from Stereophile Guide To Home Theater.

Spider-Man Is Super-sized On Video
The power of DVD will be hitting home this Fall and Winter as studios prep upocoming DVD releases of Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars II: Attack Of The Clones, and more. It is a good time to buy a DVD player.

Report Says Seven Out Of Ten TV Owners Ready To Buy A New And Larger TV
Are you just "itching" to buy a newer and larger TV? According to the latest study on the subject 70% of you are. However, just how much are consumers willing to pay for that new "dream" TV?

Fire in the Wire - The Future of Audio Interconnects
With more and more components integrated into our home theater systems, the proliferation of audio, video, and speaker cables results in a visual nightmare of "electronic spaghetti" that is strewn everywhere. However, a new single all-purpose audio/video connector standard may arrrive shortly to solve this dilemma. For more details, check out the above report from Audio Revolution.

New Multichannel Music Players Due
From the high-end to the low-end, the latest generation of multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio players come to market from manufacturers such as McIntosh, Philips, and Meridian.

'Gosford Park' DVD Debuts New Technology
First there was progressive scan, then Super-bit, now a new process, dubbed "DarbeeVision" has entered the DVD market, claiming to enhance the detail on DVDs, with results viewable on any TV. The DVD release of "Gosford Park" is the first to utilize this process.

Home Theatre Projectors Featuring DLP Technology Command 64 Percent Market Share
Video projectors based on DLP technology made significant inroads in the home theater market during the first quarter of 2002. The RUNCO VX-1000c, the Sharp XV-Z9000, and the SIM2 Grand Cinema HT300 DLP projectors are currently the biggest sellers.

Panic Attack Begins With Superbit Foray
"The Panic Room", starring Jodie Foster, becomes the first first-run DVD to be released in the Superbit format. Superbit processing consists of mastering the DVD from a High-Definition source and processing the DVD at twice the bit-rate as a normal DVD, maximizing image quality.

Comcast Adds HDTV PBS Feed
One of the few Cable systems capable of supplying HDTV signals to its subscribers, Comcast cable in Philadelphia adds PBS station WHYY to its HDTV lineup.

Epson's 1st Home Theater Projector
The impact of home theater is reaching out to non-traditional manufacturers as Epson, known mostly for printers and digital cameras, introduces its first video projector for the home theater market. For more details on specs, pricing, and availability, check out the above report from Home Theater Magazine.

Wherehouse Loads Up DVD Rentals
The trend towards decreased emphasis in VHS movies continues as Wherehouse joins the DVD movie rental and DVD player sales market with aggressive promotions in select regions.

DVD’s Popularity Stimulates Home Theater Component Sales
The popularity and growth of DVD is changing attitudes towards home theater as consumers upgrade their TVs and audio systems to complement their DVD viewing.

Coming Soon Down Under: Copy Kiosks
Copying CDs in Australia will be as easy as going down to the local convenience store as "Little Rippers" are poised for a nationwide rollout. For a modest royalty and service fee, anyone can make a copy of their favorite CD. However, there is a brewing controversy the system's legality. For more details, check out the above report from Stereophile.

Tweeter Q3 Sales Increase 59%
While most CE retailers have seen sales fluctuating this past year, Tweeter seems to be experiencing a steady rise in business.

XM Hits 136,500 Subs, Sirius Launches Today
The satellite radio war continues to heat up as XM announces a total of 136,500 subscribers since its introduction earlier this year and Sirius finally offers its service on a nationwide basis.

EchoStar Goes FireWire
While HDTV continues a steady increase in popularity, there is still no one standard for transfering HD signals from Satellite Set-top boxes to Televisions. As a result, Echostar (Dish Network) is adopting both the DVI and Firewire interfaces on its future HD Set-top boxes. For more details on this development, check out the above report from Stereophile Guide To Home Theater.

Macrovision, Warner Reach Deal
Due to increasing royalty costs, Warner has elected to employ Macrovision copy-protection technology on "selected" DVDs. In addition, it was revealed that Macrovision protection is not being employed on the current DVD release of "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone", allowing the capability of those motivated to make copies of the DVD on either VHS tape or DVD (which is still not legal).

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