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Home Theater Nooz And Vewz

Weekly Site Roundup (07/08/02)

Top Picks: Budget DVD Players
With new VHS movies soon to be in shorter supply, and with DVD players now being sold at extremely low prices, now may be the time to finally buy your family a DVD player.

Comcast Adds HDTV PBS Feed (TWICE)
Epson's 1st Home Theater Projector (Home Theater Magazine)
Wherehouse Loads Up DVD Rentals (Video Business)
DVD's Popularity Stimulates Home Theater Component Sales (DVDinsider)
Coming Soon Down Under: Copy Kiosks (Stereophile)
Tweeter Q3 Sales Increase 59% (TWICE)
XM Hits 136,500 Subs, Sirius Launches Today (TWICE)

Yamaha HTR-5490 6.1 Channel AV Receiver
This is my top choice for the best moderately-priced AV receiver for 2001/2002. If you have need to upgrade your old Pro-Logic Receiver, consider replacing it with the HTR-5490. Read my review and check out the reasonable prices.

The AM Stereo Web Site
AM radio is more than just news, sports, and talk. Check out the latest info on AM Stereo and how and where to receive it.
Featured in the Gadgets and Gizmos Subject Page.

Laser Town
If you are still a LaserDisc Fan, here is a useful shopping resource in finding rare laserdiscs.
Featured in theDVD/Laserdisc/VideoCD Subject Page.

According to the installation instructions I must hook my DSS receiver through my 'ancient' VCR. Why is this? Can I go directly from the DSS receiver to my TV set? If so, how can I still use the VCR to play/record from the TV?

Also, my DSS reception is very poor. The screen is full of wavy lines which progress from the bottom of the screen to the top. And the quality is terrible. I suspect poor cables since they have been in use for 6 years or more. I am now going through my VCR as I said in the above paragraph.

Join in on the discussion.

Camera Review: Nikon N80
Not ready to jump on the digital camera bandwagon? About Cameras Guide, Erick Hanneman, may have the scoop on an excellent entry level SLR 35mm film camera with some professional features.

From Andrew:
...I hope you will help and advise me problems between DVD and TV. Okay, I have...PAL Format DVD title movie from overseas. My DVD player brand: SAMSUNG M301 and my TV 35 size Toshiba made in 1994 use NSTC TV standard. ...When I put DVD with PAL Format in the DVD player, it shows on screen "Check on TV System"...so I looked at my Toshiba TV manual. I am not sure it shows what operation I need. I wonder which TV brands can accept both NTSC and PAL system available in USA....

From Your Guide:
There are several considerations that will affect the playability of the DVD in question:

1. Besides the PAL question -- there is the question of region coding -- if your DVD player is a Region 1 player (purchased in the U.S.) it will only play DVDs with the Region 1 (or region ALL or 0) marking on the disc or package -- regardless if it is in NTSC or PAL.

2. If your player is able to play discs other than region 1 -- then your player would have to be able to convert the signal from PAL to NTSC in order to show the disc on your TV.

3. If your DVD player is unable to convert the signal from PAL to NTSC, but is able to output the PAL signal in native PAL, then your TV would have to be a PAL capable TV to show it -- TVs sold in the US do not have this capability --- other than some high-end plasma and projection sets...

For more details on this check out two articles I have written on this topic:

Who's Your PAL?

DVD's Dirty Secret: Region Coding


Although I update this site regularly, sometimes I miss broken links, this is especially a concern as old product listings expire and new ones have different link addresses. If you encounter any broken links in my articles or listings, just bring it to my attention so I can correct the address or delete it from the site if it has expired and can no longer be accessed.

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