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DVD Rot: Fact Or Fiction? - Page 2

Other factors to take into consideration.


Consumer DVD Care Issues

However, possible deterioration of DVDs may not only be the fault of the disc manufacturers and studios. Many common consumer care issues are also a factor. Just as with any video or data medium care in handling and storage by the user is very important for long life. Leaving exposed discs lying around, especially where children and pets have access, definitely leaves an opportunity for the disc to be damaged. Also, storing the DVD in extreme temperatures or high humidity can warp a DVD or cause layer separation, such as leaving them lying around inside the car on a hot day.

Keep in mind that no audio/video storage medium is completely foolproof, despite claims to the contrary. The vinyl record can be scratched and warped, audio and video cassette tapes can be stretched, wrinkled, and even collect mildew. For those who still have laserdisc collections, some of these discs were (and still are) susceptible to what is known as Laser rot.

In my own experience, I have encountered only one DVD in my now 400+ DVD collection that had any defective symptoms and have only encountered two cases of lamination peeling do to a stiff package spindle. So far, I have not had any issues with recordable DVD media, but since recordable DVD has only been available for about six years, not enough time has elapsed for a full evaluation of disc longevity. Over the years, I have had to toss out many more defective video tapes than I have encountered defective laserdiscs or DVDs.

Final Thoughts...

In conclusion, It is a fact that problems with some DVDs (collectively known as DVD rot) do exist, but it is fiction to conclude that investments in large DVD collections are at risk either now or in the future. With this in mind, I have supplied links to several detailed resources on DVD rot (including photos of defective discs ) and related topics below this article. In addition, I have also included a link to a new forum on my site where anyone can voice their opinion, concerns, or any experiences they have had concerning defective DVDs. Watch for future updates on the DVD rot issue as more information becomes available.


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