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HDTV FAQs - Answers To Questions About HDTV

Answers to some common questions about HDTV technology



The road to HDTV hasn't been a smooth one. Lack of logical leadership from the government side caused lots of confusion over standards and timetables. In addition, initial lack of enthusiastic co-operation between broadcasters, cable/satellite providers, and manufacturers injected further confusion for retailers on how to sell HDTV and consumers as what products to buy, how to use them, and to what HDTV programs are actually available. However, now that the DTV Transition switchover successfully occurred on June 12, 2009, television broadcasters, cable, and satellite providers, an consumer electronics manufacturers are now all onboard.

There are more local TV stations installing the needed hardware to implement HDTV, and most local network outlets are actually broadcasting their live news programs in High Definition. Satellite services and a Cable TV providers are providing an increasing number of HDTV feeds.

Programming providers, such as Showtime, HBO, Discovery, ESPN, HDnet, and all of the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, and CW) are dedicating more broadcast hours to HDTV programming. In addition, the access of other high definition sources, such as Blu-ray Disc also provide an additional way for consumers to access high definition content to view on an HDTV.

However, despite the increased availability of programming and steady turnover to HDTV broadcasting, there is still some confusion for the average consumer on how they can access and enjoy HDTV broadcast and recorded content.

The following are common FAQs that I get asked frequently on the subject of Digital TV/HDTV. Just click on the questions to access the answers. In addition, be sure to check the additional resource links within the HDTV FAQ pages. Lastly, watch for updates and additions to the following FAQ list and resources as the need arises.

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What is the Difference Between Digital TV and HDTV?

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