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How To Hook Up a VCR or DVD recorder to a TV w/Single Tuner Picture-in-Picture


Here is an easy, quick hook-up guide for connecting your Cable and VCR or DVD recorder to a TV that has a single tuner Picture-In-Picture function (provided you don't have cable box or satellite receiver).
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Plug the cable or antenna leads into a two way signal splitter.
  2. Connect one cable from the splitter to the TV's RF or Antenna Input.
  3. Connect the other cable from the splitter to the VCR or DVD Recorder's RF or Cable input.
  4. Connect the VCR or DVD recorder's AV line outputs to the TV's AV line inputs. In the case of a DVD recorder, use the Component (Red - Green - Blue) video connections if your TV has them.
  5. Turn on the TV.
  6. Turn on the VCR or DVD Recorder.
  7. Tune the TV to a station.
  8. Tune the VCR or DVD recorder to a Station or put a tape or DVD in and press Play.
  9. Activate the TV's PIP function and switch the PIP source to Video 1, Video 2, or Line-in.
  10. You will see that the main picture is from the TV's internal tuner and the small inset picture is from the VCR tuner or tape, or DVD recorder tuner or DVD disc.
  11. Push the SWAP (or exchange) function.
  12. You will notice that the pictures have exchanged places and the main picture is now from the VCR or DVD Recorder.
  13. Repeat steps 7 through 12 to get familiar with this function.


  1. This setup is for either a DVD recorder or VCR with a Television (either Analog or HDTV) with single tuner PIP. If you have both a DVD Recorder and a VCR connected to your Television, and your Television has both Video 1 and Video 2 inputs, connect the VCR to one set and the DVD recorder to the other set. You can then access PIP from either Video 1 or Video 2, in conjunction with your TV's tuner.
  2. The VCR or DVD recorder must be on in order to use the PIP function in a single Tuner PIP set.
  3. This setup must be done differently if you have a cable, satellite box, or a dual-tuner PIP set.
  4. Make sure your cables are long enough, and that they are of the proper type. Make you have have audio and video cables connected.
  5. If your DVD recorder and/or VCR is connected to through a Home Theater Receiver first, and you use the Home Theater Receiver's Monitor output to supply video to your Television, you can access the PIP function through the input that the Home Theater Receiver's monitor output is connected to.

What You Need

  • Television with single tuner PIP function
  • VCR or DVD recorder
  • Cable splitter
  • RF coaxial cables
  • Video cables (composite, S-Video, or Component)
  • Audio Cables
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