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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control - Review and Rating

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control - Close-up View

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control - Close-up View

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The Bottom Line

There are many "universal remotes" that can than replace some of the functions of your remote control collection, but the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control can just about do it all, and is not any larger than most single component remotes.

The Harmony One features an easy-to-use design that includes both a color touchscreen and on-board buttons. In addition, this remote has access to a extensive online database of remote control codes, which can be updated via USB connection to a PC with internet access. If you are frustrated with your remote collection, the Logitech Harmony One might be the answer.

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  • Very compact size - perfect fit for hand-holding.
  • Color touchscreen interface.
  • Easy to setup and use with included software.
  • Can be easily updated via the internet.
  • Rechargable battery and charging station included.


  • Touchscreen may be small to read for some users.
  • Using touchscreen can be tricky to use if you have large fingertips.
  • Blu-ray and HD-DVD player device listing needs to be separated from DVD device listing.
  • PC or MAC with internet access needed for initial setup and updates (may be drawback for some).


  • Wireless Operation via Infrared Technology.
  • Upgradable database and Learning capability.
  • Control for up to 15 remote devices.
  • Built-in Touchscreen for execution of main activities and device control.
  • On-board buttons for additional device control functions.
  • One touch activity based control options.
  • Favorite TV channel setup with color icons available.
  • Rechargable Battery and Charging station included.
  • Software and USB connection included.
  • Remote control setup and code updates via Internet download - Requires a PC or MAC.

Guide Review - Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control - Review and Rating

Setting up the Harmony One is easy, but you must have a PC or MAC with internet access.

In order to use the Harmony One, you install the provided software, identify devices intended for use by brand and model number, and organize what activities you want to perform. The online database that the software is linked to has almost all possible remote control codes for home theater, audio, and video devices, including many brands that are no longer being made, and accessory devices, such as remote-controllable A/V switchers. If a device is not on the list, the Harmony One has a learning function, provided you have a functional remote control available for that device.

After setting up devices and activities in the software, you then plug the Harmony One remote to your PC via the provided USB cable and click on the "Update Remote" icon on the top right corner of the software. After a minute or so, the information inputted into the software is downloaded to the actual Harmony Remote. It is now ready for use. This remote has both a touchscreen to access both device and activity control. Also, as a backup, all of information entered into the PC software database is saved and can be changed and re-downloaded to the Harmony One at any time.

Using both the touchscreen menus and function buttons, I found it to be very flexible and easy to use. One touch of the "Play DVD" icon, turns on all the correct components, and sets the proper inputs. The only problem I had is that I sometimes accessed the wrong device because my fingertips are large for the menu icons. However, it is easy to go back and forth using the arrow icons. Once you get used to the way the touchscreen icons work, operation becomes easier.

The Harmony One is an excellent solution for remote control clutter. For a more detailed look, and further perspective, check out my Photo Profile.

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