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Verismo VuNow - Internet TV/Radio Menu


Verismo VuNow - Internet TV/Radio Menu

Verismo VuNow - Internet TV/Radio Menu

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Here is a look at the Live Internet menu page.

As you can see, you can access internet TV channels from around the world, divided into Americas, Europe, and Asia. Once you click on the category you want, you will see a list of channels to choose from. It is important to note that even though this page is titled "Live Internet TV" not all of the programming offered is actually live. Much of the programming are previously recorded news reports or program segements.

Also, in addition to Internet TV, you also have a "Live Radio" category. This allows you to access internet radio stations from around the world as well.

Lastly, take notice of the disclaimer posted on this page, and also the internet connection signal strength meter on the bottom right of the page.

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