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Onkyo TX-SR705 THX-Certified 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Rear Panel View


Here is a photo of the rear connection panel of the TX-SR705. Although the number and type of connections looks intimidating, they are not hard to sort out.
Onkyo TX-SR705 THX-Certified 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Rear Panel View Close-up

Onkyo TX-SR705 THX-Certified 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Rear Panel View Close-up

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1. Starting on the top left, moving across horizontally, are the Digital Coaxial, which are orange in appearance.

2. Moving to the right, are the three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output.

3. Just below the HDMI connecions are the Sirius and XM Satellite Radio Tuner/Antenna connections (Paid subsription to either service required) as well as the AM/FM antenna connections.

4. Moving back to the left are the Digital Optical audio inputs and output (arranged vertically). Moving right there are three Component Video inputs and one set of Component Video outputs. Each input consists of a Green, Blue, and Red Connection.

5. Moving below, and to both the left and right, of the Component Video connections, are the analog Analog audio and video input and outputs. The audio inputs include Phono Turntable, CD player, Tape Deck, CD, or MD Recorder, TV or Video game console, Cable or Satellite Box, VCR/DVR, and a DVD player. You can also use the DVR/VCR audio connections for a DVD recorder, if you wish. The analog video connections include S-Video and Composite video input and output connections.

6. As you move farther right, there are input connections for Multi-Channel Analog Audio. This allows direct analog audio connections between a DVD/Blu-ray Disc/HD-DVD player using the 6-channel analog audio connection option. In addition, this connection group can be used to access SACD and DVD-Audio content as well.

7. Moving still further right, there are the Multi-Channel Preamp output connections. This allows the connection of external amplifiers to the TX-SR875. This is used in cases where the user prefers to bypass the internal amplifiers of the receiver and use higher-powered amplifiers, but still be controlled by the preamp functions of the TX-SR875.

NOTE: The purple colored connection labeled "subwoofer" is the output used when connecting a powered subwoofer to the SR705.

8.Moving above the Multi-Channel Preamp outputs, are the speaker connections. These connections are laid out in an easy to follow color coded arrangment to make it easier to identify which connections are for which speaker. In all cases, the black terminals are for the negative (-) connection, while the red, other colors, are for the positive (+) connection for each speaker.

9. Lastly, just above the speaker connections are are the RS232 and Zone 2 Out audio preamp output connections.

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