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Home Theater Receivers - 400 to 1,299 Dollars

Midrange Home Theater Receivers - AV Receivers - Surround Sound Receivers


11. NAD T748 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver

NAD T748 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver - Front View w/Included Accessories
Photo (c) Robert Silva Licensed to About.com
Behind its uncluttered front panel, the NAD T748 home theater receiver provides either 5.1 or 7.1 channel speaker setup configuration options, four HDMI inputs with 3D pass-through, analog to HDMI video conversion (however, there is no video upscaling), Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, iPod connectivity, and NAD's own EARS surround processing and automatic speaker calibration system. A nice added touch is the inclusion of two internal cooling fans.
Review and Photo Profile - Official Product Page

12. Onkyo TX-NR535 5.2 Channel Home Theater Receiver

Onkyo TX-NR535 HDMI 2.0 Equipped Home Theater Receiver
Image provided by Onkyo USA

The Onkyo TX-NR535 packs in both solid audio features and internet streaming access for a very reasonable price. First off, the Onkyo TX-NR535 features a 5 channel speaker configuration with up to two subwoofers, and is rated at 65 Watts-per-Channel (measured at 8 ohms, from 20Hz to 20kHz, at .7% THD with two channels driven). This is enough power for small or medium size room.

On the rest of the audio side, the TX-NR535 provides Dolby TrueHD/DTS-Master Audio decoding, as well as Audio Return Channel.

On the video side the TX-NR535 incorporates both 3D and 4K pass-through switching and upscaling. There are also six HDMI ver 2.0 inputs with InstaPrevue switching.

The TX-NR535 also has a front panel USB port for accessing audio content from iPod/iPhone or USB flash drives, as well as DLNA network connectivity and Internet Radio access ( Aupeo!, Pandora, Spotify, and more) via built-in Ethernet port or Wifi. In addition, the TX-NR535 also has built-in Bluetooth capability, as well as Zone 2 preamp outputs. The TX-NR535 is also compatible with hi-res audio files (DSD, FLAC, ALAC, WAV) access via a PC or NAS drive.

To guide you along in getting the most of your speaker setup, the TX-NR535 also provides its new AccuEQ Room Equalization system. Compare Prices for the Onkyo TX-NR535.

Also Available - The TX-NR636: Added features include 7.2 channel configuration, Dolby ProLogic IIz processing, an MHL-compatble HDMI input (allows direct access to 1080p video and 7.1 audio from compatible Smartphones or other devices), two HDMI outputs (parallel), as well as HDCP 2.2, which provides added copy-protection for not only current streaming content from both internet and content accessed through the receiver's. Also, both powered and preamp outputs are provided for a two-channel Zone 2 setup. The stated power output rating for the TX-NR636 is 95wpc (measured at 8 ohms, from 20 Hz to 20kHz, at .08% THD with two channels driven).

NOTE: Onkyo has announced that the TX-NR636 is also Dolby Atmos firmware upgradable - available September 2014.

Compare Prices for the Onkyo TX-NR636.

13. Harman Kardon AVR-1700 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver

The Harman Kardon AVR-1700 home theater receiver provides up to a 5.1 Channel configuration, with amplifiers rated at 95wpc (2 channels driven @ 8ohms, from 20Hz to 20kHz @ approximately .07% THD). Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding is featured, as well as additional audio processing, including Harman's Logic 7 surround processing.

For connectivity, the AVR-1700 has 6 HDMI 1.4a 3D pass through inputs and switching. There is also a front panel USB port that allows direct connection of a USB flash drive, iPod, iPad, or iPhone (no optional dock required). Just plug in any of those Apple devices using the provided connection cable and you can access iTunes and Apple AirPlay functions.

Additional bonuses include access to Internet Radio (vTuner, as well as media content stored on network-connected PCs and media servers via DLNA compatibility.

On the other hand, the AVR-1700 does not perform additional video processing or upscaling for connected sources. Also, while HDMI and component video-connected source signals can be passed to your TV via the AVR-1700's HDMI output, if you have a source device connected to the AVR-1700 via a composite video cable, you will also have to connect the composite video monitor output of the AVR-1700 to your TV.

If you are looking for a home theater receiver that provides the audio performance and features you need, but you need access to video processing functions, the AVR-1700 might be a good choice.
Compare Prices - Downloadable User Manual

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