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Blu-ray and HD-DVD Basics FAQs - Introduction and Index Page

Answers to Basic Questions About Blu-ray and HD-DVD Players and Recorders


NOTICE: HD-DVD is now officially discontinued. However, information on HD-DVD, and its comparison to Blu-ray, is still contained in this article for historical purposes, as well as the fact that there are still many HD-DVD player owners, and HD-DVD players and discs will continue to be sold and traded on the secondary market for some time.

Although DVD is the most successful home entertainment product in history, ever since it was introduced in 1997, it lacks one characteristic: True High Definition playback and recording capability. As a result, two competing camps came up with the solution: Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Although HD-DVD has been discontinued, find out the answers to some basic questions about Blu-ray and HD-DVD in the following Blu-ray and HD-DVD Basics FAQs. Also, For a more updated set of FAQs covering Blu-ray since the demise of HD-DVD, also read my Blu-ray Only FAQs

1. What is Blu-ray and What Was HD-DVD?

2. How Does DVD Upscaling Compare to Blu-ray and HD-DVD?

3. Are Blu-ray and HD-DVD Players Compatible with Standard DVDs and CDs?

4. What Is Available to Play on a Blu-ray or HD-DVD Player?

5. Are Blu-ray and HD-DVD Discs Region Coded, Like DVDs?

6. What Types of Connections Do Blu-ray and HD-DVD Players Have?

7. Can I Play a Blu-ray Disc on an HD-DVD player or Vice-Versa?

8. What Are Blu-ray Disc Player Profiles?

9. Are There Blu-ray Disc Recorders?

10. What Would I Be Able To Record on a Blu-ray Disc Recorder?

11. What Type of Television Do I Need To Use With a Blu-ray or HD-DVD Player or Recorder?

12. How Much are Blu-ray Dics Players and Are HD-DVD players Still Available? - Is It Worth Buying a Blu-ray or HD-DVD Player?

Keep in mind, as with all consumer electronics technology, that things are constantly changing. In other words, these FAQs are dynamic and will be updated when needed, especially with respect to answers that are referring to dated information. As additional information or clarification from manufacturers and movie studios becomes available these FAQs will be revised accordingly. If you have any input into these FAQs, feel free to send me a comment or post it on my Forum.

Also, for answers to questions regarding topics specifically related to standard DVD Players and Recorders, be sure to also check out my DVD Player Basics and DVD Recorder Basics FAQs.

As of February 19, 2008 Toshiba has formally discontinued the HD-DVD format.

However, the high-def DVD story still isn't over. Although the Blu-ray Camp is celebrating the fact that they have won the format war, they still have to face the standard DVD juggernaut, which certainly won't yield much anytime soon. After all, DVD is the most popular home entertainment format in history. With that in mind, Blu-ray still has an uphill battle in terms of long term survival. For more perspective on this, check out my commentary: The Demise of HD-DVD and Future Challenges for Blu-ray.

For an additional look at Blu-ray, also check out an informative article by Carey Bryson, About.com Guide for Kid's TV and Movies: What is Blu-ray and How Will It Impact My Family?

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