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What Would I Be Able To Record on a Blu-ray Disc Recorder?


Question: What Would I Be Able To Record on a Blu-ray Disc Recorder?
Answer: You would (if such units ever become available in the U.S. consumer market), record anything on a Blu-ray Disc recorder that you can on a DVD recorder or VCR (within any copy-protection limitations), only at much higher quality than current technology allows, provided your source material is of good quality (VHS will still look like VHS!).

However, there is no indication that even if Blu-ray Disc recorders would be commonly available in the U.S. for consumers, that they would have the ability to record HDTV programs via traditional over-the-air, cable, or satellite sources. This is due to the increased use of copy-protection for TV programming that now currently restricts some DVD recording. This would be extended into Blu-ray recording as well.

Unlike Japan and select other countries where Blu-ray Disc recorders are widely available and can be used to record high definition TV content, if Blu-ray Disc recorders became commonly available in the U.S., they would most likely be restricted to recording self-generated high def video content, such as from camcorders and digital Still cameras, or making copies of non-protected video content from home recorded VHS tapes, and home recorded DVDs/Blu-ray Discs.

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