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Home Theater Cable and Interconnect Products

Cable and interconnects are the hidden heros of our home theater and audio systems; after all, it is the cables that connect everything together and what makes it all work. Whether you are looking for high-end cables and interconnects, or some rare connectiion that you just can't find anywhere else, it may be listed on this page.

Atlona AT-HD4-V42 4x2 HDMI Switch - Review and Photos
The Atlona AT-HD4-V42 4x2 HDMI Switch provides way to connect four sources and view them on two TVs or a TV and video projector simultaneously. For all the details, read my review.

HDMI Connect Via Cat5E/6 Converter - Atlona AT-HD-V40SRS HDMI Cat5E/6 Converter
Check out my profile and review of the Atlona AT-HD-V40SRS HDMI Cat5E/6 Converter.

Accell UltraAV™ HDMI 4-1 Audio/Video Switch - Product Review
The Accell UltraAV 4-1 HDMI Audio/Video Switch is very easy to use and does not degrade signal quality from HDMI sources. For more details, read my review.

Accell UltraAV HDMI Connection Solutions
Check out my review of some excellent HDMI connection cables and other solutions from Accell.

Accell Ultra Interconnect Cables - Review
Your home theater components are useless without good interconnect cables. Check out my review of some excellent audio and video interconnect cables from Accell.

Cobalt Interconnect Cables - Review
Check out my review of some excellent heavy-duty audio and video cables from Cobalt Cable.

Accell Cables
Manufacturer of cables and interconnects for audio, video, home theater, computers, and networking applications.

Analysis Plus
Check out quality cables and interconnects for your home theater system.

Audio Magic
After you purchase all those components, don't forget about the interconnect cables. Audio Magic has a comlete line for your system needs.

Interconnects and Speaker cable solutions for your home theater system.

Better Cables
Well-constructed audio and video cables and interconnects for the consumer and professional.

Cable Organizer
Are you trying to hide a cable jungle behind your plethora of home theater components? If so, check out some great cable organizing products from Cable Organizer.

Harmonic Technology
High-end audio and video cables and interconnects.

Monster Cable: Hook Up Guides
Need to know how to hookup your hometheater system? Check out some useful tips right here!

Kimber Kable
Check out the complete line of audio and video interconnects from Kimber Kable. Their site also includes an excellent section on basic electronics.

Nirvana Audio
Makers of Audio cabling and interconnects.

Pear Cable
Providers of both standard and custom length cables, Pear cable manufactures high-end analog audio cables. Pear claims that its contruction techniques result in excellent audio performance. For all the details on how Pear Cables are constructed, and the science behind them, check out Pear's website.

PS Audio
From power managment to interconnects and AV components, PS Audio provides affordable home theater products and services

River Cable
Check out the home theater cable and interconnects from River Cable.

Revelation Cables
Check out the complete line of cables and analog/digital interconnects for your home theater system from Revelation.

Straight Wire
Think of your audio cables as more than signal conductors, think of them as music conductors. Straight Wire has a variety of wire and connection products for your home theater system.

Transparent Cable
Makers of cable and interconnect products for audio/video system applications.

Leading manufacturer of cables and interconnects for a variety of home theater and audio installations.

The Chord Company
Having trouble getting the most out your home theater system? It just may be the cables! Check out cabling products from Chord.

Vampire Wire
Makers of audio and video interconnects for your home theater components.

Ultralink Cables
Maker of high-end connector cables for audio, video, and home theater applications.

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