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Being an informed consumer is an important part of the buying process - don't be at the mercy of salespeople and store management. Here is a listing of useful sites, from the BBB to price checking, that can give you the tools to make better buying decisions.

Guide to Christmas and Winter Holiday Shopping from the Home Theater …
Find out everything you need to know to get the most from your dollar during Christmas and Winter Holiday Shopping Season, including some additional tips for those after-christmas clearance sales.

How To Recycle Your Old Audio and Video Gear
Check out the various ways you can recycle your old home theater equipment, from finding them second homes to properly disposing of them.

The DTV Transition, HDTV, and Your VCR and/or DVD Recorder
The countdown to the end of analog television broadcasts marches on. However, along with analog TVs, your VCR or DVD recorder may also be affected. Even if you have a digital or HDTV with an ATSC tuner and receive HD programing with an antenna, you may still need a DTV converter for your analog VCR or DVD recorder, in order to continue recording...

How To Buy - Practical Tips for Home Theater and Consumer Electronics Shopping
Home Theater - How To Buy - Practical Home Theater Shopping Tips. Shopping for the latest in home theater and consumer electronics can be either a fun adventure, or a total disaster. The key to making a satisfying purchase is good preparation for the buying experience. Here are great tips to assist you.

Take Your CDs and DVDs With You When Home Theater Shopping
Along with your money and the latest sales ad, you might consider taking some your CDs and DVDs shopping with you. Find out why.

Common Home Theater Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
Sometimes setting up a home theater system doesn't quite work out the way we planned. Check out some mistakes many of us commonly make when trying to put together a home theater system.

Buying Refurbished Products - What You Need To Know
It is hard to resist after-holiday and clearance sales. One way to save money is to buy refurbished products. Check out some helpful hints on what to ask and look for in purchasing such products.

Home Theater - Don't Forget The Neccessories!
Whether buying a high-tech gadget or home theater gift for Mother's Day, Graduations, Father's Day, Weddings, or Christmas, make sure you include the accessories that are needed to make it work.

Clearance Sales Basics - What You Need To Know
Don't just grab the newspaper AD and run down to your local Consumer electronics retailer without arming yourself to take advantage of after-christmas and clearance sales. Read some great tips on how to get the most from your shopping dollar.

American Radio Relay League
Want to get involved in amateur radio? Find out all the info you need at the ARRL Website.

Recycle Your Old TV - About.com TV/Video
Are you planning to dump your old analog television because of the upcoming DTV Transition? If so, Matt Torres, About.com Guide for TV/Video has some great tips on how you can recycle your old analog television.

Better Business Bureau
Complete instructions on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, plus other consumer services.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
The official web page of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which runs every January in Las Vegas. Check out all the details for both past and upcoming shows right here.

Consumer Electronics Association
Official Website of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Consumer Products Safety Commission (U.S.)
This is place to check out any product recall announcements and other news regarding product safety concerns.

Federal Comunications Commission
The Government Agency that controls it all! Keep Tabs on what your Government is doing to your personal communication and entertainment rights.

The Home Recording Rights Coalition
Established in 1981 as a by-product of the BETAMAX case, the HRRC is the watchdog of your rights to record audio and video at home for private use. One of the most important civil liberties organizations in the U.S..

Home Entertaiment Shows
The official website for the Home Entertainment Expo, to be held in NYC May 11-13, 2001. Make your plans to attend now. Sponsors include Stereophile and Home Theater Magazines.

Home Media Store
Home electronics with info on product selection, emerging technology, etc. for non-techno-geeks

Live Home Theater
General home theater articles and related resources for the consumer.

Home Electronics Survival.com
Are you confused by "Techno-jargon", Retail Sales People, and just plain frustated with today's home entertainment technology? If so, then check Barbara Gonzales' - the Tech Simplication Guru. She has a great site on Home Electronics Survival. She has info and resources that will help ease the pain and frustation of today's consumer electronics jungle.

How Stuff Works
One of the most interesting sites on the NET. If you want to know how something works this is the place to find out. Includes topics in all areas of home electronics, including VCRs, as well as some more unusual ones in other technological and scientfic areas.

International CES
The official website of the Consumer Electronics Show. If you plan to attend, make your plans now. This site offers everything you need to attend, including online hotel reservations.

National Association of Broadcasters
The official NAB home page. Articles and resources on issues and technology involving television and radio broadcasting.

This is a great site! If you want to know what's on AD at your favorite electronics or computer store, anywhere in the country, this is the place to find out. Note: If you are employed in Retail Electronics or Computer Sales, this is a great place to comparison shop the competition. Updated weekly.

Television and electronic repair and service tips. If you have questions on TV repair, check this one out.

Wize.com is an extensive product research web-site that searches out reviews on products from both consumers and professionals and presents them in an easy to access format. If you are trying to decide what home theater or other electronics product to purchase and don't know where to start, check out Wize.com.

T.H.E. Show
The official website of T.H.E. (The Home Entertainment Show); a separate, audiophile-oriented trade show held parallel to the CES in Las Vegas every January.

Home Theater 2004 - A Look Back - And A Peek At 2005 - Trends In Home Theater
Although 2004 was a mixed year for CE retailing, that didn't stop manufacturers from introducing new products for the consumer. Despite the Iraq war, economic doom sayers, and a controversial presidential election, the U.S. economy proved itself resilient. As a result, technology and product innovation continued unabated across all consumer electronics categories.

Home Theater Product Picks
Check out a listing of my main home theater product pick categories. The list entries within each category are updated on a continuous basics for currency.

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