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OPPO BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-ray Disc Player - Photo Illustrated Review


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OPPO BDP-103D - Rear Panel Connections - Left Side
OPPO BDP-103D Blu-ray Disc Player - LAN, Digital Audio, HDMI, USB, and Control Connections

Photo of Rear View of the OPPO Digital BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-ray Disc Player showing the LAN, Digital Audio, HDMI, USB, and Control Connections.

Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

Shown on this page are the connections located on the left-to-center area of the OPPO Digital BDP-103D's rear panel. The layout is the same as the previous BDP-103, but is explained again in this report.

Starting on the left is Ethernet (LAN) port. This can be used to connect the BDP-103D to a high-speed internet router for access to internet-based content (such as Netflx, Vudu, and Pandora), as well as content stored on network-connected PCs. Also, the LAN connection also provides access to downloadable firmware updates. It is also important to note that the BP-103 also comes with a USB WiFi adapter that can be used in leiu of the Ethernet/LAN connection option. If you find that the WiFi option is not stable, you always have the the ability to use an Ethernet cable.

Moving to the right of the Ethernet/LAN connection is the rear mounted HDMI input. In a similar manner as the front mounted HDMI input shown in the front view photo, this connection is provided so that users can connect external source device that can take advantage of the BDP-103D's built-in video processing and scaling functions. It is important to point out that the HDMI inputs on the BDP-103D are not provided for any type of Blu-ray or DVD recording function.

Next is the Diagnostic video output (labeled DIAG). This connection utilizes a Composite video connection. This output only displays the onscreen setup menus for the BDP-103D in case there is difficulty setting up the HDMI outputs.

Just below the DIAG connection are the Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical audio connections. Either connection can be used. However, if your receiver has 5.1/7.1 channel analog inputs (shown in the next photo) or HDMI audio access, either of those options would be preferred.

Next are the dual HDMI output connections. HDMI Output 2 does not take advantage of the Silicon Image VRS processing for upscaling. The video processing chip for the HDMI 2 output is provided by an OPPO-contract Mediatek SOC (system-on-chip).

On the other hand, the HDMI 1 output is the primary audio/video output for the BDP-103D, and takes advantage of the VRS processor for upscaling.

Both HDMI outputs have the ability to provide 3D viewing, and up to 4K video upscaling when connected to a compatible TV or video projector. However, the HDMI 1 output provides more extensive video settings, as well as access to Darbee Visual Presence processing, which will be shown later in this photo profile.

- 4K upscaling can be accessed from either the HDMI 1 or  HDMI 2 outputs, but not at the same time.

- If using both HDMI outputs for audio and video, use the Dual Display option.

- If using a 3D TV or Video projector with an HDMI-equipped home theater receiver that is not 3D-enabled, use HDMI 1 for the video and HDMI 2 for the audio by selecting the Split AV option. In this configuration, HDMI 1 will output only a video signal, and HDMI 2 will output both a video and audio signal.

Moving further right are two USB ports (a third is on the front panel). This allows the connection of the provided USB WiFi Adapter, or USB flash drive, external hard drive, or iPod with audio, photo, or video files.

Next is the IR in connection. This allows the BDP-103D to be incorporated into a central IR-based remote control system.

On the far right of this photo is the an RS232 connection. This connection option is provided for full control integration in custom-installed home theater installations.

NOTE: Just as with its predecessor, the BDP-103D does not have Component Video output. For more details on why this connection is not available, refer to my article: High-Definition Via Component Video Connections Ends.

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