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Pioneer DV-490V-S DVD Player with HDMI Output - Short Review

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Pioneer DV-490V-S DVD Player - Front View

Pioneer DV-490V-S DVD Player - Front View

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The Bottom Line

The Pioneer DV-490V-S is a great basic DVD player, offering not only CD and DVD playback, but, with its HDMI output and 720p/1080i upscaling, you can take advantage of the increased capabilities of an HDTV. In addition, other useful features, such as Virtual Surround for those that don't have a home theater system, its JPEG/MP3 Slideshow function, as well as Divx file playback, make the DV-490V-S a great deal for $99.


  • 720p and 1080i Upscaling via HDMI Output
  • Good overall detail and color reproduction
  • Simultaneous JPEG/MP3 Playback for Slideshows.
  • Very sylish, compact design
  • Easy to use onscreen setup menus - Easy to understand User Manual.


  • Jagged edges visible on finely detailed images
  • Poor moire pattern elimination
  • No SACD or DVD-Audio playback compatibility
  • Remote not universal
  • No digital optical audio output, only digital coaxial


  • Slim space-saving design is only 1-15/16th inches high and 8-7/16th inches deep.
  • Plays DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW (Video Format)/DVD+RW, CD/CD-R/RW, SVCD/VCD, JPEG/WMA/MP3, MPEG-4, and DivX.
  • Simultaneous JPEG/MP3 Playback Slideshow function.
  • Progressive Scan w/2:3 pulldown and 12-bit/108MHz video D/A converter provides smooth looking video.
  • HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video, and S-Video outputs allow connection to most televisions.
  • Video adjustment for Brightess, Constrast, Gamma, Hue, and Chroma Level. Color settings for HDMI.
  • Digital Coaxial Audio output with DTS/Dolby Digital pass through; standard analog stereo outputs.
  • On-board Virtual Surround Processing for those that do not have a home theater system.
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Easy-to-Read User Manual

Guide Review - Pioneer DV-490V-S DVD Player with HDMI Output - Short Review

As a standard DVD player, the Pioneer DV-4980V-S offers slim slyling that can fit in just about any space. The Pioneer DV-490V-S also offers extensive DVD playback options.

I found the unit very easy to set-up, with easy to use menu options and easy-to-use remote. I found that standard DVDs, DVD-Rs, and +RW discs discs played easily. I was also able to easily play a disc encoded with Divx files, as well as a home-recorded VCD. CD, CD-R/RW and DTS music disc playback was also very consistent.

Using the HDMI output at 720p and 1080i settings in conjunction with a Samsung LN-R238W 23-inch LCD-HDTV, Syntax LT-32HV 720p native resolution LCD Television, and using the Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark DVD video test disc, the DV-490V-S produced mixed results.

In terms of detail and color, the DV-490V-S faired very well. However moire and jaggies elimination during motion on the tests examples was poor. Some background video noise was also present, but on par with many DVD players I have tested. Take these issues into consideration if using this DVD player with a large screen (such as a video projector) as these factors become more visible.

Audio performance of the SV-490V-S was very good. Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound options worked well, with excellent imaging.

Despite some issues with moire and jaggies, for a DVD player in this price class, especially with its HDMI upscaling, the DV-490V-S is worth considering for use in a basic home theater system with an HD-Compatible TV.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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