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AudioXperts 4TV 2112 Audio Entertainment Console - Review

The AudioXperts 4TV 2112 takes the sound bar concept and adds a twist that really sets it apart. To find out more read my review.

Ben-Hur: 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - Blu-ray Disc Review

The epic 1959 film, Ben-Hur, arrives on Blu-ray in both a standard and limited edition package. To find out more this important Blu-ray Disc release, read my review. Although a portion of my review discusses supplements on the Limited Edition version, comments regarding the Blu-ray Disc of the movie apply to both the Limited and Standard Release versions.

Sony SA-NS400 Network Speaker - Product Profile and Review

The Sony SA-NS400 is an interesting combination of a wireless powered speaker and media player that is designed to work Sony's HomeShare system. For more details on what this speaker can do and how to set it up, check out my Sony SA-NS400 product profile.

Orb Audio People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System - Review

Orb Audio takes an interesting approach to loudspeaker design by placing compact speaker drivers into enclosed, spherical, metal enclosures. The assembled spherical speakers, combined with either an 8 or 10-inch traditionally designed box subwoofer, provides a stylish looking home theater speaker setup. The system provided for this review is dubbed "The People's Choice" which consisted of five speakers and an 8-inch powered subwoofer. For more details, read my review.

Sony STR-DN1030 Home Theater Receiver - Product Review

The Sony STR-DN1030 3D/Network Home Theater Receiver provides all the audio and video basics you need, including audio return channel and video upscaling, but also features built-in internet radio, apple airplay, and bluetooth. For more details, read my review.

Sony STR-DN1020 7.2 Channel 3D/Network Home Theater Receiver - Review

The Sony STR-DN1020 7.2 channel home theater receiver is rated at 100wpc, and features Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and Dolby Pro Logic IIz processing. The STR-DN1020 also has 4 3D-compatible HDMI inputs with analog to HDMI video conversion and 1080p upscaling. Extra bonuses include iPod/iPhone connectivity via USB port or docking station, Internet connection via Ethernet, DLNA compatibility, and two subwoofer outputs. For more details on the STR-DN1020 read my review.

Sony NAS-SV20i Network Audio System/Server - Product Review

The Sony NAS-SV20i is an innovative home entertainment product that raises the bar on the iPod music system by adding internet radio, music streaming, and wireless network whole house music distribution capability utilizing Sony's HomeShare system. For more details and perspective on the Sony NAS-SV20i, read my review.

Sony BDP-S790 3D Network Blu-ray Disc Player Review

The Sony BDP-S790 is a Blu-ray Disc player that is also a great entertainment access hub. In addition to Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and SACD content, the BDP-S790 can reach out to host of internet-based audio and video services, as well as accessing media content store on a PC via network connection. To find out if the Sony BDP-S790 is the right addition to your home theater setup, read my review.

Sony Bravia KDL-46HX820 3D Internet LED/LCD TV - Review

The Sony Bravia KDL-46HX820 definitely packs in a lot within its 46-inch class cabinet, including both 2D and 3D display capability, internet streaming, and access to digital media files store on network-connect PC or USB storage device. However, cramming in the features doesn't always mean that you get the best performance. Find out what the Sony KDL-46HX820 has in store for you in my informatiive review.

VIZIO VHT215 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Review

The Vizio VHT215 is an affordable audio system that provides consumers with a way to get better sound for TV viewing without the hassle and expense of multi-speaker home theater system. The VHT215 ombines a 2 channel powered sound bar with a wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer receives audio signals from the sound bar wirelessly, which allows flexible subwoofer placement. The VHT215 is easy to set up and use, but is it the right audio complement for your TV? Check out my review.

Cowboys and Aliens - Blu-ray Disc Review

Cowboys and Aliens brings two popular genres together into in a film that posits the question: What if an outer space alien invasion took place in the old west. After a moderately successful theatrical run, Cowboys and Aliens in now available on Blu-ray packaged with both the original theatrical version, a new extended edition, a DVD, and a host of extra bonuses. For the details, read my review.

OPPO Digital LT-2007 20-inch LCD-TV DVD Player Combination - Product Review

The OPPO LT-2007 combines 20-Inch LCD TV with a DVD Player. The LCD TV section is tiltable, and features a DVD player and audio system housed in its base. The LT2007 also has additional audio/video inputs, and a detachable Digital Camera Card Reader. A VGA input is included for use as a game or computer monitor. This unit is the perfect size for an office, bedroom, den, kitchen, dorm room, or kid's room. To find out more, check out my Review.

Panasonic TC-L42E60 42-inch Smart Viera LED/LCD TV Review

The Panasonic TC-L42E60 is a slim and stylish 42-inch LED/LCD TV that incorporates a host of features, including (1080p) native pixel resolution, 120hz refresh rate, internet and network streaming, 3 HDMI inputs, two side mounted USB ports for additional media file playback, and some additional features that you might not expet. For more details, read my review.

Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT30 3D Network Plasma TV - Review

The Panasonic Viera TC-P50GT30 50-inch Plasma TV incorporates 3D capability as well as network media player and online streaming functions. The TC-P50GT30 also features 1080p native resolution, 600Hz sub field drive, 4 HDMI inputs, and two USB ports for accessing digital media files stored on flash drives. The TC-P50GT30 also utilizes an attractive, thin profile, design. The TC-P50GT30 is definitely a feature-packed TV, but is it the right TV for you? Read my review for all the details.

Battleship Blu-ray Disc Movie Review

Battleship arrives on Blu-ray in a package that boasts great video, audio, and bonus features, but does that make a worthy addition to your Blu-ray Disc collection? Read my review and find out what I thought.

Wrath of the Titans 3D Blu-ray Disc Review

Warner Bros revisits Greek Mythological adventure fantasy with Wrath of the Titans. This sequel continues the adventures of demi-god Perseus as he is once-again called upon to battle both gods and monsters. Read my review of the 3D Blu-ray disc version.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 - The Blu-ray Disc Review

Iron Man 3 is now available on Blu-ray. The disc looks and sounds great, and there are some great special features. Check out all the details in my review.

Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar - Review

Martin Logan enters the sound bar market with its innovative, great sounding Motion Vision Sound Bar. Read my review to find out if this sound bar is the great audio solution to complement your TV viewing experience.

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol Blu-ray Disc Review

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the fourth entry in the JJ Abrams/Tom Cruise teamed film series. Set in Moscow, Dubai, and Mumbai, Indian, Ghost Protocol is non-stop action thriller makes its way to Blu-ray in a top notch release in both a two-disc and three disc package. To find out if either Ghost Protocol Blu-ray deserve a sport in your collection, read my review.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Blu-ray Disc Review

Star Trek Into Darkness is now available on Blu-ray. The disc looks and sounds great, but getting access to all the available bonus material requires a little work and some extra cash. Check out all the details in my review.

Sony STR-DN1040 7.2 Channel Network Home Theater Receiver Review

The Sony STR-DN1040 3D/Network Home Theater Receiver provides all the audio and video basics you need, including up to a 7.2 channel configuration, audio return channel, and both 1080p and 4K video upscaling. However, it doesn't stop there, there is also internet radio, apple airplay, and bluetooth. For more details, read my review.

Puss in Boots 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack - Review

The 3D Combo Pack of Puss in Boots is now available on Blu-ray. The disc looks and sounds great, and contains lots of great bonus material, including a new Puss in Boots short titled The Three Diablos that you will be sure to enjoy. Check out all the details in my review.

WD TV Live Hub by Western Digital - Product Review

The Western Digital WD TV Live line has been named the Live "Hub" because it is more than a network media player. It is also a media server with an internal 1TB hard drive. You can use the WD TV Live Hub to store and organize media. Learn what makes the WD TV Live Hub an exceptional choice of network media player or media server.

Paradigm SE Series Home Theater Speaker System - Review

If you are looking for new set of loudspeakers for your home theater, check out the stylish and great sounding Paradigm SE Home Theater Speaker System. The system consists of an SE center channel speaker, four SE-1 compact bookshelf speakers for left and right front and surrounds, and an SE 300 watt powered subwoofer. For details, read my review.

Paradigm DSP-3400 14-inch Powered Subwoofer - Product Review and Rating

The Paradigm DSP-3400 Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, clear, tight, and undistorted deep bass response from the combination of its large front facing 14-inch driver, dual front ports, and 300 watts of continuous power from its built-in amplifier. To find out if the DSP-3400 is the right subwoofer for you, read my review.

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