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With all the gadgets we accumulate, one problem is how to put them in your room without making it look like a room full of junk. One idea is a rack, or cabinet, to store or display or those newly purchased home theater components. Also, an attractive stand, rack, or cabinet can give you a way to organize gadgets in a logical fashion and help to organize those "miles" of cable that end up collecting dust, dog and cat hair, and who knows what else. Check out some of my suggestions for home theater furniture and media storage that might be right for you.

Also, be sure to check out my Home Theater Seating suggestions.

Bell'o WAVS-341 Wood TV Stand

Photo of Bell'o WAVS-341 Wood TV Stand
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Bello makes great, stylish, home theater furniture. The WAVS-341 Wood TV Stand features a bent wood design with bent wood legs that will hold most LCD or Plasma TVs up to 56-inches and also can fit 4 or more audio video components, with added space for a center channel speaker. The stand also allows flow through ventilation and features a cable management system, which makes it easier to hide those unsightly connection cables and speaker wires.
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Bell'o AVSC-2061E Versatile Wood TV Stand

Photo of Bell'o AVSC-2061E Versatile Wood TV Stand
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
If you want a TV stand that is a cut above, check out the Bell'o AVSC-2061E. This stand features an Espresso Finish, and is large enough to hold most LCD, Plasma, or DLP TVs up to 65-inches in size. In addition, there is enough space to hold up to six components and a center channel speakers. The tempered black safety glass helps to protect it from kids or pets. A cable management system is also provided.
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Bell'o TPC2128 Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount

Photo of Bell'o TPC2128  Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Here is an interesting take on TV stands. The TPC2128 can hold TVs up 52-inches in size as long they don't weight more than 125 lbs and it can also accomodate up to four additional components. However, the special feature of the TPC2128 is its three setup options. The first option provides for the TV to placed directly on the stand. A second option allows the provided rear mounting frame and swivel to be fastened to the stand and TV fastened to the mount and swivel. A third option allows the rear mount and swivel to be removed from the stand and placed on the wall, allowing the TV to be wall mounted above the stand. Of course, Bello' provides a cable managment system to help further organize your setup. If you are looking for a TV stand both looks great and provides setup flexibility, check out the Bell'o TPC2128 Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount.
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Hammmacher Schlemmer Sliding Door 700 CD/336 DVD Storage Library

Hammmacher Schlemmer Sliding Door 700 CD/336 DVD Storage Library
Image provided by Hammacher Schlemmer
If your CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc collection is cluttering up your home, you need a storage cabinet. This cabinet offered by Hammacher Schlemmer has attractive styling with a sliding door, and can hold up to 700 CDs, 336 DVD, or 132 VHS tapes. There are eighteen shelves that can be arranged in any combination to accommodate your collection. The cabinet is available in either Oak or Walnut. Assembly is required.
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Need more storage space? Then consider the version that can hold up to 1,050 CDs or 504 DVDs.
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Atlantic Oskar Media Tower

Photo of Atlantic Oskar Media Tower
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Even many consumers are accessing entertainment from the internet, many of us have collected a lot of CDs, DVDs, and more recently, Blu-ray Discs. To store them all, check out the Atlantic Oskar Media Tower that can hold 756 CDs or 360 Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, or video games in an attractive wood finish cabinet.
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Bush Industries TV Stands and Entertainment Units

Bush Industries offers a wide variety of TV stands, component racks, and entertainment units that can fit into just about any room decor or room size. Check out some suggestions that may be just right for you.
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Standout Designs

If you are tired of cheaply constructed AV and home theater furniture, check out the product offerings by Standout Designs. What sets Standout Designs apart is that all of their furniture is constructed with solid wood, not fiberboard or particle board. Their designs are not only stylish, but offer a lot of functionality including options for removable back panels, quiet exhaust fans, hidden wheels, choice of remote-friendly door glass, adjustable shelving, smart wire management, and flexible media storage. Standout Designs ships their furniture factory assembled throughout the U.S. and Canada. Definitely worth checking out.
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Sanus Systems - Home Theater Cabinets and Storage

Your home theater doesn't need to be simply a collection of gadgets piled on top of each other, with cables strung everywhere. You don't live in an electronics retail store, so don't let your home theater room look like one. From stylish loudspeaker supports to home entertainment furniture, Sanus offers viable display solutions for your home theater setup that will please the most decorator conscious among us.
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Home Theater Seating

The home theater experience isn't complete without a comfortable chair or couch. Check out my suggestions for Home Theater Seating.
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