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DVDO Edge Video Scaler By Anchor Bay - ABT2010 Video Processing Chip


DVDO Edge Video Scaler By Anchor Bay - ABT2010 Video Processing Chip

DVDO Edge Video Scaler By Anchor Bay - ABT2010 Video Processing Chip

Photo (c) Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
Shown on this page is an extreme close-up of the main video processing chip used in the DVDO Edge: The ABT2010. This chip is designed to handle all of the major video processing for the DVDO Edge, including video noise reduction, detail enhancement, deinterlacing, and scaling. These features are part of the Anchor Bay Video Reference Series (VRS) processors and they are all included in the ABT2010 chip. For a complete rundown of this chip, check out the ABT2010 product page.

In addition, there are several other chips used in support of the ABT2010. Some of these include:

1. An ABT1010 chip, which is normally used as a video and audio processing chip in upscaling DVD players and other devices, is included in the DVDO Edge for the audio-only HDMI output functions. (see photo)

2. An Analog Devices ADV7800 chip (see photo) is used to convert analog video to digital video and stream it into the ABT2010 for video processing. The chip features a 3D comb filter and 10-bit Analog-to-Digital-Converters (ADCs) to provide compatibility with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats. This is important for users with legacy equipment that does not have an HDMI output. For an overview of this chip, check out the Analog Devices ADV7800 product page.

3. Multiple Silicon Image Sil9134 (see photo) and Sil9135 (see photo) chips included to provide control of the the 6 HDMI inputs and HDMI output while maintaining an acceptable user experience when changing HDMI inputs. Using multiple chips allows fast HDCP (High Definition Copy-Protection) "handshake" recovery between the Edge and an HDTV or Video Projector when changing from one input to another. See the Silicon Image Sil9134 and Sil9135 Product Pages.

4. Another chip that is important to the operation of the DVDO Edge is the NXP LPC2368 micro-controller (see photo). This chip generates the Onscreen menu display and also controls the commands that activates the various functions of the Edge.

For a look at the Remote Control and Onscreen Menu Navigation of the DVDO Edge, proceed to the next series of photos...

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