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iOS and Android Remote Home Theater Control Apps

Take Control Your Home Theater System With Your Smartphone or Tablet


Today's cell phones are for more than just making phone calls. They have evolved into smartphones that are used for a variety of tasks. One interesting way to use a smartphone, or even a tablet, is as a remote control for home theater components and home automation systems. If you are an smartphone or tablet user, check out some interesting remote control apps that can make operating your home theater system easier.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub combines hardware with Smart Control iOS and Android Apps that allows your compatible smartphone to control up to eight home theater components. In addition, the Ultimate Hub also includes a basic remote that you can use as a back-up controller in case your smartphone is not available. The apps have access to the Harmony Remote Control Database, which includes remote control codes for over 225,000 consumer electronics and home theater devices.

For more info and download instructions, check out the official Harmony iOS and Android pages.

The Griffin Beacon - Dijit App Remote Control System

The Griffin Beacon combines an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod or compatible Android deevice with a downloadable app from Dijit. The app is free with the purchase of the Beacon system. Once the app is installed, you can use your compatible iOS or Android device to transmit commands via Bluetooth technology to a provided wireless AV controller. The controller, can then relay IR signals to a TV, Blu-ray Disc player, home theater receiver, network media player, or other compatible components. An online database provides remote control codes for components, as well as a program guide. If you have an iPhone and a home theater system, the Dijit App and Griffin Beacon is definitely a remote control system to check out.


Download the Dijit remote control App for iOSand/or Android
Review - Official Product Pages

Yamaha Network A/V Receiver Control

If you have a home Wi-Fi network, this app for both iOS and Androide allows users of select Yamaha home theater receivers to control basic functions such as input selection, volume, zone power, and settings for connected bluetooth devices.

Download the iOS and/or Android App.

Onkyo Remote Control App

Owners of Onkyo 2009, 2010, 2011, or later, network home theater receivers and use the Onkyo Remote Control App to access a variety of functions, including volume, input selection, radio tuning, and more, using an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. The app is free for Onkyo owners.

Download the iOS, Android, and/or Kindle Fire versions of this app.

Sony TV Side View Media Remote

The Sony TV Side View Media Remote app for iOS and Android devices provide control of many Sony home theater receivers, Blu-ray Disc players, and TVs. Check out the details and download info for iOS and Android devices.

Denon Remote App

The Denon Remote App provides control of the 11, 12, and 13 series network home theater receivers, as well as other select Denon components. For the details and download info, check out the Denon Remote App page for iOS and Android devices.

OPPO Remote

If you own an OPPO Blu-ray Disc player (Models BDP-93, 95, 103, 105, or newer), OPPO now offers downloadable remote control apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Also, the iPad verision also includes the ability to navigate through media files and cover art, as well as control multiple players. For all the details, check out the product info and download instructions for the iPad, iPhone, and Android versions.

iControlAV2 by Pioneer Electronics

This remote control iOS-only app allows users to control select Pioneer home theater components. Check out a video demo via Pocket-Lint for a more detailed look at this app.

Download the App

DirecTV DVR App

This iPhone remote control app allows the DirecTV subscriber to "call your DirecTV DVR" to record a show even if you are not home. Of course, even in you are home you can still use it to set of your DVR.
More Info


Download the Android and/or iPhone/iPod Touch and/or iPad versions of this app.

DVR Remote for TIVO

Do you own a TIVO Series 3 or Premiere DVR? If so, the DVR Remote app allows you to control all of the recording and playback functions of your unit. (see video demo)

iOS download version, and/or Android and Kindle Fire versions.

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