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Component Video Connectors


Component Video Cables and Connection

Photo of Component Video Cables and Connection.

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A Component Video Connection is a video connection in which the separate color and B/W elements of the signal are transfered via separate cables from a source, such as a DVD player, to a video display device, such as a Television or Video Projector. This connection is represented by three RCA cables -- that have Red, Green, and Blue connection tips.

Also, on a TV, DVD player, or other device, these connections, although most commonly labeled "component" may be also carry the additional designations of Y,Pb,Pr or Y,Cb,Cr.

Important Note: As of January 1, 2011 all Blu-ray Disc players made and sold going forward will not be able to pass high definition video signals (720p, 1080i, or 1080p) via component video connections. This is referred to as the "Analog Sunset" (not be confused with the previous DTV Transition from analog to digital TV broadcasting). For more details, refer to my article: Component Video Analog Sunset.

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