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Ethernet (LAN - Local Area Network) Connection


Ethernet (LAN  - Local Area Network) Connection

Photo example of an Ethernet (LAN - Local Area Network) Connection.

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A connection that is becoming more common in home theater is the Ethernet or LAN connection. This connection can allow integration of a Blu-ray Disc Play, TV, or even Home Theater Receiver into a home network via a router (referred to as a Local Area Network) which, in turn, provides access to the Internet.

Depending on the capabilities of the connected device (TV, Blu-ray Disc Player, Home Theater Receiver), and ethernet connection can provide as access to firmware updates, audio, video, and still image content stored on a PC, online audio/video streaming from services such as Netflix, Pandora, and more. Also, in the case of Blu-ray Disc players, Ethernet provides access to online BD-Live content associated with specific Blu-ray Discs.

Note: Ethernet cables come in a variety of colors.

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