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Definition: 1080p represents 1,920 pixels displayed across a screen horizontally and 1,080 pixels down a screen vertically. However, unlike 1080i all pixel rows or lines are displayed progressively, providing the most detailed high definition video image that is currently available to consumers.

However, since 1080p is not officially part of the FCC's approved HDTV broadcast standards, it is displayed either as a result of video upscaling through a specially modified DVD player, video scaler, or a Blu-ray Disc Player, in combination with a 1080p input capable video display device (such as a Television or Video Projector) OR by on-board video processing within the Display device itself than can upscale all input sources to 1080p.

For a more detailed explanation 1080p and its application, check out my articles 1080p and You and 1080i vs 1080p.

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