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8K Resolution - Definition and Explanation of 8K Video Resolution


Definition: 8K resolution represents 7680 x 4320 pixels (4320p - or the equivalent of 33.2 Megapixels) and is effectively 16 times more detailed than current 1080p resolution TVs. One of the leaders in developing 8K resolution for television broadcasting is NHK of Japan which has proposed its Super Hi-Vision broadcast format, which is not only intended for 8K resolution video, but also for up to 22.2 channel audio.

However, with billions of dollars having already been invested by broadcasters, manufacturers, and consumers on currently available HDTV technology, any widespread implementation of 8K resolution TVs and Super Hi-Vision TV broadcasting is still almost a decade away (about the year 2020) as current broadcasting and video format infrastructure cannot handle the extended bandwidth requirements - unless new breakthroughs in compression technology would be able to address this.

8K is not only a ways off, but 4K is just know beginning to make inroads. Also, while 8K resolution may be applicable for very large screen applications, 8K resolution on smaller screen sizes would be overkill - and then there is issue of finding or producing 8K resolution content, and, finally the cost for both broadcasters and consumers for not only the TV upgrade, but other components.

On the other hand, where 8K resolution is seeing use now is in film restoration and mastering, where some movie studios, are taking select classic films and preserving them as 8K resolution digital files to be used in Blu-ray disc and other high-definition mastering applications. Even though current high definition formats are 1080p, mastering from an 8K master insures the best quality transfer available. Also, mastering a 8K means that films or other content would not have to be remastered every time a new high definition format comes into use for either theatrical or consumer applications.

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