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Blu-ray Region Code


Definition: Blu-ray disc are region coded in a similar fashion to a system used to region code DVDs.

However, instead of eight official regions used for coding DVDs, for Blu-ray Discs, there are only three regions, designated as follows:

Region A: U.S., Japan, Latin America, East Asia (except China).

Region B: Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Region C: China, Russia, India, remaining countries.

However, despite the provisions for Blu-ray Disc region coding, many Blu-ray Discs are released without region coding. In this case, then you may be able to play a non-region coded disc that is released in another area of the World.

However, keep in mind that many Blu-ray Discs also contain standard resolution supplementary materials (such as making of, interviews, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, etc...) that may be in NTSC or PAL. If you are in an NTSC-based country, you may not be able to access any material in the special features section of the Blu-ray Disc that is recorded in the PAL format (see list of PAL countries). Also, make sure that if the film or program is in another language, that there are subtitles included in your language.

Also Known As: Blu-ray Disc Region Code

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