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Composite Video Connection


Composite Video Connector

Composite Video Connector AKA RCA Video Connector AKA Standard Video Connector

Robert Silva

Definition: A Composite Video Connection is a connection in which both the Color and B/W portions of the video signal are transferred together. The actual physical connection is referred to as an RCA video connection cable and is usually Yellow at the tips.

This connection is the oldest and most common video connection that is still in use. It can still find be found on many video source components and display device, including VCRs, camcorders, DVD players, Cable/Satellite boxes, video projectors, and most TVs. However, as of 2013 new Blu-ray disc players no longer have them, and most newer  network media players and media streamers have also eliminated this option. However, one thing to note is that the composite video connection is used for transferring low and standard resolution video signals. It is not used for high-definition video signal transfer.

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Also Known As: RCA video connection, Composite Video, Standard Video Connection

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