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HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 1.4a


Person holding the digital, HDMI cable with DVD in background.
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Definition: HDMI version 1.4 adds enhancements for HDMI connectivity. If home theater components, such as HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players, and Home Theater Receivers, are HDMI 1.4 enabled, one or more of the following features can be implemented at the manufacturer's discretion.

1. HDMI Ethernet Channel: Adds internet/home network connectivity via HDMI connection.

2. Audio Return Channel: Provides single HDMI connection between a TV and a home theater receiver that can not only pass audio/video signals from the receiver to the TV, but also pass audio from the TV's tuner to the receiver. In other words, when listening to audio accessed by the TV's tuner, you don't need a separate audio connection going from the TV to the home theater receiver. Note: The Audio Return Channel feature would not be applicable to most video projectors.

3. 3D Over HDMI: HDMI 1.4 is designed to accommodate 3D Blu-ray Disc standards, with the capacity of passing two simultaneous 1080p signals using one connection. NOTE: An update (HDMI 1.4a) also incorporates additional 3D TV Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite formats.

4. 4Kx2K Resolution Support: Current high definition standard for consumer equipment tops out at 1920x1080 (1080p). HDMI 1.4 can accommodate future 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 high definition pixel resolutions in the planning stages.

5. Expanded Support For Color Spaces: This allows better color reproduction when displaying still photos from HDMI-connected Digital Still Cameras.

6. Micro HDMI Connector: A new "Micro HDMI" Connector is much smaller connector that can still supports up to 1080p resolutions for portable devices. This is very practical for video camcorders, digital still cameras, and portable digital video playback devices.

7. Automotive Connection System: With the increase of in-car digital audio/video devices, HDMI 1.4 can handle the more demanding vibration, heat, and noise that may affect the quality of audio and video reproduction.

Also Known As: High Definition Multi-media Interface, High Definition Multimedia Interface

NOTE: As of January 1st 2012 references to HDMI ver numbers on new products are to be eliminated - Read Official Announcement.

For the purpose of communicating HDMI cable features to consumers that are now five cable categories: HDMI Standard, HDMI Standard with Ethernet, HDMI Standard Automotive, HDMI High Speed, and HDMI High Speed with Ethernet. For details on each category, refer to the Official "Finding The Right Cable" Page at HDMI.org.

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