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Pixel Density AKA Native Pixel Resolution


Definition: Pixel Density is the actual amount of physical picture elements on a screen surface or an LCD/DLP projection chip. LCD/DLP projectors have a fixed number of pixels on their chips and LCD/Plasma TVs have a fixed number of pixels on their screen surface.

With reference to Video, the higher the native pixel count, the higher the resolution capability of the video display device. A native pixel count of 1024x768 (1,024 pixels across vs 768 pixels down) is sufficient for DVD. However, 720p HDTV signals require a 1280x720 pixel count to give you a one-to-one signal representation, while a 1080i or 1080p input signal for sources such as HDTV broadcasts and Blu-ray need a native pixel count of 1920x1080 for a one-to-one representation of the 1080i or 1080p signal.

Also Known As: Native Pixel Resolution, Native Screen Resolution, Screen Resolution, Native Resolution
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