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SLS Q-Line Silver Home Theater System - Short Review

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SLS Q-Line Silver Home Theater System

SLS Q-Line Silver Home Theater System

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The Bottom Line

The Q-line is a home theater system with satellite speakers utilizing ribbon-based drivers, which provide excellent sound reproduction on music and movie material, and are a cut-above what is normally provided in this type of system.

On the video side, the AV receiver lacks component video connections, which would make it easier to use with HDTVs and progressive scan DVD players. However, its composite video inputs/outputs provide a basic option that can be used with almost all televisions.


  • Basic home theater sytem with good sound quality
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Easy to understand owner's manual
  • Ribbon speaker technology provides excellent sound
  • Color coded connection cables


  • Subwoofer too subtle on some material
  • No S-video or component video inputs/outputs on Receiver
  • Only one Digital Optical input (however, there are two digital coxial inputs).
  • No-onscreen Setup Display
  • User must provide own DVD player


  • System includes a 5.1 channel AV receiver with Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro LogicII decoding.
  • Output: 125 watts-per-channel RMS (6 ohm speaker load) x 5 and a 100 watt RMS powered subwoofer.
  • All speakers are supplied with color coded speaker connection wires.
  • Satellite speakers employ Ribbon Tweeter technology developed by SLS.
  • Audio (analog and digital) and composite video inputs for VCR, DVD/CD player and other components.
  • 6-channel direct audio inputs for DVD-Audio/SACD compatible players is included.
  • AM/FM stereo tuner is included, with a total of 30 presets.
  • Front Panel headphone input.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Easy-to-follow user manual.

Guide Review - SLS Q-Line Silver Home Theater System - Short Review

The Q-line Home Theater System comes with an AV receiver, all needed speakers, and connection cables to get the system running. Provided cables and onboard connectors are color coded making setup easy. Without opening the owner's manual, I was watching a DVD in about 20 minutes from the time I opened the box.

Unlike many home theater-in-a-box systems, the SLS Q-line does not come with a DVD player. As a trade off, the Q-line comes with a better speaker set than most systems in this price range. It ribbon-driver-based satellite speakers provide excellent sound texture and detail quality across the board with both movie and music sources.

It is interesting to note that with most systems of this type, the speakers are usually the weakest link, however, the Q-line's ribbon speakers are substantial in size, weight, and performance, compared with other systems in the the $500 price class.

However, despite this, I did find that the provided powered subwoofer was sometimes a little too subtle. This worked well for music, however, I found the sub sometimes lacked needed punch for intense DVD movie material.

A disappointment on the video end was the lack of S-Video and Component video input/output capability with the provided AV Receiver. This limits the use of the receiver with HDTVs and Progressive scan DVD players. A suggestion: SLS should offer both a basic system, and one with a higher-end receiver for better compatibility with HDTV and Progressive Scan DVD players.

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