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How to Give the Gift of a Netflix Subscription

An Easy Gift to Give to Those With a Network Media Player


Netflix Gift Subscription Card

You can now buy a gift Netflix subscription to give access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

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Updated December 20, 2012

If you are looking for a gift for someone on your list owns or is receiving a network media player, you want to be sure they have content to watch. Consider giving the gift of access to thousands of movies.

Almost every media player, networked TV and component, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony PS3, Google TV, Apple TV,--over 200 different devices-has the ability to stream media from Netflix. Netflix began as an online DVD rental service where renters pay a monthly fee to have DVDs mailed to them. The service has since morphed to add online movie and TV streaming directly to those Netflix enabled devices.

Netflix has made it easy to give a gift subscription to their online streaming service. You can choose the length of subscription from one month to a year. Types of subscriptions include Instant Que online delivery for $7.99 per month (price for one year is $95.88).

To redeem the subscription, the recipient goes to the Netflix Gift Page.  Note that they must register a method of payment. The payment method will be charged a nominal amount each month--probably just a few cents--to be sure it is still valid.  In other words, you can't give the subscription to someone who doesn't have a credit card or other way of paying to continue the subscription.

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