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Netflix Instant Video Streaming to Include CBS TV Shows

Classic and Current Season Shows to Be Added to Netflix Instant Queue


Cheers and other CBS TV shows to be added to Netflix

Currently CBS TV shows like "Cheers" are only available to rent on DVD. This new deal between Netflix and CBS will bring a number of classic and new shows to Netflix's Instant Queue streaming video service.

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While Redbox and Amazon On Demand (now Amazon Instant Video) are chasing after a bigger share of subscription online video streaming customers, Netflix is expanding their "Instant Que" library.  They have struck a deal with CBS. In April, Netflix users will be able to stream episodes of "Medium," and "Flashpoint," and full seasons of "Cheers," "Frasier," "Twin Peaks," "Family Ties," "The Andy Griffith Show," and the original "Star Trek," "Twilight Zone," and "Hawaii Five-O."

Netflix is negotiating to add more television shows to their Instant Que. Some shows will be classics like the CBS shows listed above. Others will be current TV series that will be available to stream the next day or after fifteen days.  Still other series will make past seasons available for streaming.

In 2010, Netflix reported 20 million users. Deals like this one with CBS, continue to cement Netflix's position as the leader in instant streaming of online videos. 

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