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Sonos Adds Lower-Priced Play:3 ZonePlayer

Lower Prices on ZoneBridge May Bring System Within Reach of More Customers


Sonos Play:3

The Sonos Play:3 may look like bookshelf speakers, but it is actually a music streaming device. An internal sensor maximizes the output whether you lay it horizontally or stand it on end.

Photo (c) Sonos Inc.
Updated July 25, 2011

Sonos has added a new player to its lineup, one that is smaller and less expensive than its other models.  The Sonos Play:3 is an all-in-one music streaming device.  Similar to the Sonos S5 (renamed the Play:5), it has a built-in amplifier and speakers and can stream music from your computers as well as online streaming music partners--Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify, Mog, and more.   

Smaller than the Play:5 model that is, about the size of an old boombox, the Sonos Play:3 can fit on a bedside table.  Wherever you put the Play:3, it can modify its speaker output using internal sensors to optimize the sound for vertical or horizontal placement. 

Like the Play:5, the Play:3 can be paired with a second Play:3 to create a dedicated left and right channel for stereo in your room.  While you can use the Play:5 to create a Sonos network by keeping it connected to your router,  the Play:3 requires a ZoneBridge be connected so you can access  computers, the internet and other Sonos devices.

Price for ZoneBridge Is Reduced

Along with offering the lower-priced Play:3, Sonos is making its whole system more affordable by lowering the price of the ZoneBridge from $99 to $49.   

Compare Prices for the Sonos Play:5 (formerly S5).

Compare Prices for the Sonos Play:3.

Compare Prices for the Sonos Bridge.

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