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What is the Difference Between an LCD TV and LED TV?


Question: What is the Difference Between an LCD TV and LED TV?

Answer: There has been a lot of hype and confusion surrounding the introduction of "LED" Televisions. Even many marketing representatives and sales professionals that should know better are falsely explaining what an LED Television is to their prospective customers.

To set the record straight, it is important to note that the LED designation refers to the backlight system used in some newer LCD Televisions, not the chips that produce the image content.

LCD chips and pixels do not produce their own light. In order for an LCD television to produce a visible image the LCD's pixels have to be "backlit". For more specifics on the backlighting process needed for LCD Televisions, refer to my article: Demystifying CRT, Plasma, LCD, and DLP Television Technologies.

LED TVs are still LCD TVs. It is just that these new sets use LED backlights rather than the fluorescent-type backlights used in most other LCD TVs.

In other words, LED TVs should actually be labeled LCD/LED TVs.

For more details on what you need to know about LED TV technology, read my article: The Truth About "LED" Televisions and what our Video Tip: Difference Between LCD and LED TVs.

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