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What Else Do I Need for My LCD TV?


Question: What Else Do I Need for My LCD TV?
Answer: Here are some tips on what you need to budget for in addition to your LCD TV in order to use it to its full potential:

1. A place to hang it or place it on a stand.

2. Input sources: DVD, VCR, video game console (X-box, PS3), Satellite or Cable Box, Blu-ray disc or HD-DVD player. In addition, most LCD televisions will accept an input from your PC (check the user manual or look at the input panel on the set to make sure in a specific case).

Also, if your your LCD has an ATSC tuner built-in (most do), you can purchase either an indoor or outdoor antenna to receive free over-the-air HDTV broadcasts, provided you are well-positioned geographically in relation to your local TV broadcast stations.

3. A sound system. Although almost all LCD televisions have an internal sound system, it is best to connect it to a home theater receiver for optimum home theater enjoyment.

4. A surge protector (which is good advice for any component in your system).

5. Connection cables to connect your LCD television with your other components. Also, if you have a net-enabled TV, you will also need an Ethernet cable and router to allow your TV to access the internet (if you desire to take advantage of this capability).

6. A nice comfortable chair or couch to enjoy your new LCD TV!

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