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Anthony Gallo Acoustics Home Theater Loudspeakers - Short Review

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics AV Reference Main Loudspeaker

Anthony Gallo Acoustics AV Reference Main Loudspeaker

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The Bottom Line

There are literally thousands of loudspeakers on the market, and many times the choice, despite all the technical specs, is determined by how they sound to you.

If you are looking for new set of loudspeakers for your home theater, check out the uniquely designed AV Reference Center Channel Speaker, AV Reference Main Speaker, A'Diva T Satellite Speaker, TR Powered Subwoofer from Anthony Gallo Acoustics.

Anthony Gallo Speakers use a spherical housing for each mid-range speaker. By combining several spherically-housed speakers with a unique tweeter design, Gallo has come up with excellent home theater speaker design.


  • Reference Center and Mains provide excellent all-around performance.
  • Speakers can be either wall or stand mounted.
  • TR-2 Subwoofer provides excellent, tight, deep bass response.
  • A'Diva T provides excellent surround sound support for rest of the system.
  • Very smooth transition between the rest of the speakers and TR-2 Powered Subwoofer


  • Screw-on speaker terminals on the A-Diva T speakers are too small to grab and hold the speaker wire
  • Reasonably-priced for the high-end user but expensive for the purely budget minded.


  • AV Reference Center: Frequency Response - 55Hz to 35kHz, Sensitivity - 88dB, Impedance - 4 - 8 ohms.
  • AV Reference Center: Power Handling - 150 watts RMS, 300 watts peak.
  • AV Reference Center: Drivers - Four 4” carbon fiber/neodymium magnet, Tweeter - CDTII™ piezo film (120° horiz dispersion).
  • AV Reference Main: Frequency Response - 55Hz to 35kHz, Sensitivity: 88dB, Impedance: 4 - 8 ohms.
  • AV Reference Main: Power Handling - 150 watts RMS, 300 watts peak.
  • AV Reference Main: Drivers: Four 4” carbon fiber/neodymium magnets, Tweeter - CDTII™ piezo film (300° horiz dispersion).
  • A'Diva T Sat: Freq Resp - 76Hz to 22Khz (wall) - 90Hz to 22kHz (stand), Power Handling (full range) >60W, (crossover) >120W.
  • A'Diva T Sat: Driver - 3" titanium full range, Cone Material - Paper-damped titanium, Dimensions - 5" spherical.
  • TR-2 Subwoofer: Frequency Resp - 22Hz to 180Hz, Power Handling - 250 W Class A/B, Phase: Continuously variable.
  • TR-2 Subwoofer: Low Pass - 50/180Hz (variable), Hi Pass - 80Hz fixed/hi-level out, Connections - RCA Line, Speaker Terminals.

Guide Review - Anthony Gallo Acoustics Home Theater Loudspeakers - Short Review

Whether listening at low or high volume levels, I found that the AV Reference Center and Main speakers delivered clear sound across a wide range of frequencies. Vocals distinctively standout, and background details not only don't get lost, but very fine details are brought out to the listener, but within proper balance with the musical performance.

The AV Reference Speakers delivered powerful upper bass that was clear and not muddled. When using the AV Reference speakers without the Powered Sub on, their bass response was actually better than you would expect for their size. The AV Reference Mains are equally at home in a two-channel stereo system or as part of a home theater system in conjunction with a center channel speaker, surrounds, and subwoofer.

The Reference AV Center, which has a slight modification in the tweeter design, produced the most well-balanced center channel presence I have heard in this price-class of loudspeaker. The vocals were spot on, and the sound was very 3-dimensional.

The A'Diva T speakers, which were used as surrounds, performed their job well. Although very compact, they held their own in reproducing surround effects that balanced with the AV Reference Mains. However, their screw-on speaker connection terminals were very small and did not grasp and hold bare speaker wire very well. Using a Clip-on speaker connector would have been easier and quicker to work with.

I found the TR2 powered subwoofer to be an excellent match for the rest of the speakers. Despite its compact size, the TR2 is a heavy unit with powerful amplifier. It has a unique horizontal, cylindrical design, with no visible port. The TR2 produced excellent, deep, tight bass, where needed. Also, with its array of controls on the rear panel, the user can create an excellent transition balance between the TR2 and the rest of the speaker setup.

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