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Klipsch Synergy B-3 (L), SVS SBS-01 (C), Optimus Pro LX5-II (R) Loudspeakers


Klipsch Synergy B-3 (L), SVS SBS-01 (C), Optimus Pro LX5-II (R) Loudspeakers - Grills On/Off

Klipsch Synergy B-3 (L), SVS SBS-01 (C), Optimus Pro LX5-II (R) Loudspeakers - Grills On/Off

Photo (c) Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
Here is a photo of the SVS SBS-01 and two additional speakers used in this review for comparison. The entire group is shown with the grills attached and removed.

On the left side of each group is a Klipsch Synergy B-3, the center spot is occupied by the SVS SBS-01, and the unusual looking speaker on the right is an Optimus PRO-LX5II, which is no longer manufactured.

Of the three speakers, the Klipsch B-3 is the most efficient and produces the most powerful mid-range and bass performance, as well as producing louder volume using less output power, but the SVS SBS-01, although more restrained in the highs and midrange, produces more accurate, tighter bass of the of the three speakers. On the other hand, the Optimus, with its unusual Lineaum Diople Tweeter, produces a lively mid-range, and widely-dispersed highs, but is weaker and less accurate in bass response of the three speakers.

The Klipsch is the more expensive of the three speakers, coming in at a suggested price of $330 a pair, the SBS-01 comes in a $225 a pair, while the PRO-LX5II, if it were still being made, would probably come in at about $149 a pair, but may be found on sources, such as eBay, now for about $50 - $80 a pair.

The Features and Specifications of Klipsch and Optimus speakers are as follows (for a look at the SVS SBS-01 specifications, go to the first photo in this gallery:

Klipsch Synergy B-3

1. Horn Loaded bookshelf loudspeaker featuring 5-inch Tratrix horn and bass reflex design.

2. 1-inch aluminum diaphragm tweeter with frequency response up to 23KHZ (+/- 3db).

3. High frequency crossover at 2,000 HZ.

6. 5 inch woofer, combined with rear port, delivers bass response down to 55HZ (+/-3db)

7. Highly efficient with a sensitivity of 93.5 db (2.83 volts at 1 meter).

8. Power handling is rated at 85 Watts RMS and 340 watts peak

9. Magnetically shielded for home theater use.

Optimus PRO-LX5II

1. Two-way die cast bookshelf speaker with 5-inch Polypropylene woofer and wide angle 2x4-inch dipole Lineaum tweeter.

2. Frequency Response: 80 - 25,000 HZ.

3. Power Handling: Up to 130 Watts (65 watts continuous).

4. Impedance: 8 ohms

Receivers used in this Review: Yamaha CR-220 two-channel stereo receiver, Onkyo TX-SR304 5.1 channel receiver, Yamaha HTR-5490, and Harman Kardon AVR-147 5.1 channel receiver.

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