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CES 2006 Wrap-Up Special - News Highlights of the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show


CES 2006 Logo

CES 2006 Logo

CES - Consumer Electronics Association

CES 2006 News: CES Innovations Awards:

The annual CES has drawn to a close, however, the innovations and products displayed will have a lasting impact in the consumer electronics market in the months and years ahead. In the home theater arena, Blu-ray and HD-DVD took center stage, but the extensive proliferation of flat-panel and HDTV products also portends the future of the home entertainment experience. Some examples of home theater-related products that were singled out for special recognition by CES Judges included: ...Read More

CES 2006 News: SED Sneaks Into CES:

SED developers and proponents, Canon and Toshiba, were both on hand at CES with demos of this new technology, which they hope will provide a better flat panel television alternative than either LCD or Plasma. What is SED and what is the fuss all about?...Read More.

2006 News: Proton Sues Protron Over Brand-Name Infringement:

Proton, maker of high-end LCD video displays and HDTVs, has announced that it is filing suit against Protron, makers of budget-priced LCD TVs and other consumer electronics products that are sold through discount retailers and featured heavily on cable TV shopping channels. In the suit, Proton alleges that Prosonic, owner of Protron, has mislead consumers by creating a brand name that is easily confused with Proton. ...Read More

CES 2006 News: Westinghouse Digital Intros New 42-Inch LCD TV:

CES product announcements are coming fast and furious. One product announcement that may attract notice from home theater fans is the new 42-Inch LCD Monitor from Westinghouse Digital: The LVM-42w2. According to Westinghouse Digital, this monitor is designed to provide both a great video and audio experience. ...Read More.

CES 2006 News: Scientific Atlanta Receives CES Award For New DVR/DVD Recorder:

Scientific Atlanta, known for its cable set-top box products, has received a "CES Best Of Innovations Award in Video Components" for its newly announced MCP-100 DVR/DVD Recorder Combination unit. Intended for use with cable TV systems, the MCP-100 can...Read More

CES 2006 News: Pioneer's 1080p Plasma - LG and Panasonic Unveil 100+ Inch Sets:

While LCD televisions are making huge inroads into the consumer market with their lower prices and wider range of screen sizes, Plasma continues to capture consumer interest. New Plasma television offerings are making a big impact at this year's CES....Read More

CES 2006 News: Klipsch Announces New Subwoofer Line-up:

Klipsch Audio Technologies has announced six new subwoofers in their well-received Reference Series. Two of these new subs, the RT-12d (pictured here) and the RT-10d feature a unique triangular design, both with one front firing active driver and two passive radiators, making them prime candidates for corner installation....Read More

CES 2006 News: Sony Steps Forward With Blu-ray Player:

Blu-ray and HD-DVD announcements continue to dominate CES 2006. After all the talk and delays, Sony is finally putting its foot forward with its first Blu-ray Disc player product. Expected to arrive on store shelves by early summer, which is well behind Toshiba's March release date for HD-DVD, Sony's BDP-S1 may still capture a lot attention as it will feature full 1080p video processing. ....Read More

CES 2006 News: Samsung Counters Toshiba With First Blu-ray Player:

CES is really heating up. The latest news comes from Samsung, which has announced its first High Definition Blu-ray Disc player....Read More.

CES 2006 News: Toshiba Shows Off First HD-DVD Players:

Finally, concrete evidence thats HD-DVD will actually arrive on store shelves. Toshiba has presented two HD-DVD players, HD-XA1 and HD-A1 at CES. The two players will land on store shelves in March, 2006. ....Read More

CES 2006 News: Movie Studios Reveal HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Movie Titles:

With all the fuss over Blu-ray and HD-DVD on the hardware end, analysts and retailers have been concerned with how much software support each format will have at the time the two competing high definition DVD formats actually hit store shelves. ...Read More.
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