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The Best Home Theater Products Exhibited at CES 2012


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The Latest Tech and More Highlights From the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
CES 2012 - Official Logo

CES 2012 - Official Logo

Image (c) CEA - Consumer Electronics Association - Used by Permission

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is now history. It appears that this year's show was a record-breaking event in both number of exhibitors (3,100), exhibit space (1.86 million square feet), as well as the increase in both industry (153,000) and press (6,000) attendees. A total of 20,000 new products were announced.

In fact, the explosion of online reporting and increased foreign press attendees has resulted in some of the press conference rooms were not large to hold the increased numbers of press. For instance, about 500 press (including myself) were turned away at the Samsung press conference. However, I did secure a private booth tour later in the week that was very thorough.

There were also host of celebrities featured from the world of entertainment to add even more excitement to the massive gadget show. In addition, Sony surprised attendees further with a live appearance by Will Smith and live performances by both Kelly Clarkson and Kellie Pickler.

Once again CES presented the latest consumer electronics products and innovations that will be available in the coming year, as well as many prototypes of future products. This year LG's 55-inch OLED TV was named Best of Show by CNET, which is expected to reach dealers later this year.

There was so much to see and do, even though I was in Las Vegas for seven days, there was no way to see everything, even in the home theater-related categories. However, I did see quite a bit. Check out some of the newsworthy highlights from this year's CES from my perspective.

Note: All photos on the following pages were taken by Robert Silva, About.com Home Theater Guide.

Also, after going through the following report on what I saw at CES 2012, be sure to check out my reports of past CES shows from 2001 to the present.

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