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The Best Home Theater Products Exhibited at CES 2013


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Panasonic ZT60 Series Plasma and ET Series LED/LCD TVs at CES 2013
Panasonic ZT60 Series Plasma and ET Series LED/LCD TVs at CES 2013

Photo of the Panasonic ZT60 Series Plasma and ET Series LED/LCD TVs at CES 2013

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The 4K UltraHD and OLED TVs displayed at CES 2013 were certainly impressive, and definitely sets the direction that TV technology is going forward. However, for mainstream consumers prices for those sets will be too high for the next few years.

In the meantime, what is available using current technology? Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Sony, and Panasonic all had plenty of 1080p LED/LCD TVs, and LG, Samsung, and Panasonic also had new Plasma TVs to offer.

Shown on the left side of this page is the new ZT60 Plasma TV series from Panasonic. This is a welcome addition to the Panasonic Plasma TV product line-up as it raises the bar set by their previous VT Series models, which are now placed in the second tier.

The ZT60 series come in the 60 and 65-inch screen sizes and are THX certified for both 2D and 3D performance, 3D performance is further enhanced by reduced crosstalk, and anew 3000 Focused-Field Drive provides consistent 1080p resolution for both still and moving images, and provides the darkest blacks of any Plasma TV since the fondly remembered Pioneer KURO Elites.

To further up-the-ante, the ZT60 also provides both voice and touchpad control for both TV menu settings and internet access and navigation. The sets even include Touch Pen, which allows you to write directly on the screen with a special pen-like stylus.

On the right side of the page is a an example of Panasonic's new LED/LCD TV line-up, the mid-line ET series. I reviewed last year's 42-inch TC-L42ET5 and found it to be a very good LED/LCD TV.

This year, the ET series has been relabeled as the ET60 series and will be offered in a 50 and 55-inch screen size. The sets feature full 1080p screen resolution, 2D and 3D viewing options (including 2D-to-3D conversion), and VieraConnect (which allows access to, and streaming of, network and internet-based video and audio content).

Some of the new features added for 2013 include Voice Guidance (reads and verbalizes text that is displayed on the screen), My Home Screen (allows each member of the family to have their own distinct menu page), and Swipe and Share (allows the transferring of video content between the TV and compatible iOS and Android devices).

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