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The Best Home Theater Products Exhibited at CES 2013


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Westinghouse Digital and Hisense 110-inch 4K UltraHD TVs at CES 2013
Westinghouse Digital and Hisense 110-inch 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TVs at CES 2013

Photos of Westinghouse Digital and Hisense 110-inch 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TVs at CES 2013

Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
Samsung wasn't the only one at CES on hand with a 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. Second tier TV makers, Westinghouse Digital (left photo) and Hisense (right photo) also showed off their 110-inch entries.

Nothing fancy with regards to frame design or sound systems, but they looked great. Also, in addition to the 110-inch unit, Westinghouse Digital also had 65, 55, and 50-inch 4K UltraHD TVs on display. No firm prices or specific availability dates were provided, but it was indicated that 50-inch set carry a low $2,500 price tag, while the 110-inch set may be available on a custom order basis at an approximate price of $300,000.

However, one down side is that none of the Westinghouse sets are 3D-capable, which is one side benefits of having a 4K UltraHD TV. Even if you are not interested in 3D, if you are paying the price for 4K Ultra, the added cost of incorporating 3D as a feature would be minimal.

Now, for Hisense. For those not familiar with the brand, they are the major TV maker in China, and actually make sets for some retail house brands in the U.S. As a side note, they took over the former booth space occupied in previous years by Microsoft.

Although the 110-inch set shown in the photo attracted the main visual attention, what was important at their booth is that also had 65-inch and 84-inch versions, dubbed the XT900 U-LED Series.

No pricing or availability in the U.S. was given, but all the sets incorporate both 2D and 3D viewing (active shutter system), and are WiFi, Skype, and Google TV enabled.

Are you salivating for a 4K UltaHD TV yet? Well, there's more!

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