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Panasonic PT-P1SDU Compact LCD Video Projector with SD Card Slot - Review

Multi-Purpose Video Projection for the Whole Family

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Panasonic PT-P1SDU Compact LCD Video Projector with SD Card Slot

Panasonic PT-P1SDU Compact LCD Video Projector with SD Card Slot

Photo (c) Panasonic
The Panasonic PT-P1SDU LCD video projector is a reasonably priced unit that is very compact and functional for home, classroom, or business meeting. With features, such as fast startup, accommodation of 720p and 1080i input signals (scaled to 800x600) and SD card slot for playback of digital photos, the PT-P1SDU is a fun compact video projector that everyone in the family can setup and use. Its compact size also allows easy transport to meetings or family gatherings. For a review just read on...

Panasonic PT-P1SDU Product Overview

1. Compact Video Projector using LCD Technology. For more background information, check out my reference article: LCD Video Projectors - What You Need To Know

2. 4x3 Aspect Ratio LCD Chip - Image can be set for either 4x3 or 16x9 aspect ratio. This means that the PT-P1SDU can be used to display both wide-screen and traditional video images.

3. 800x600 Native Pixel Resolution - 400:1 Contrast Ratio - 1500 lumens light output - 130 watt lamp. This combination is what drives the quality of the image you actually see on the screen.

4. Image size range: 38 to 300 inches. This means that the PT-P1SDU projector is rated to be used with screens as small as 38 inches and as large as 300 inches.

5. VGA, S-Video, and Composite Video inputs. Component Video via optional VGA/Component Adapter Cable. This means that the PT-P1SDU can be used with a VCR, camcorder, PC, Laptop, or DVD player.

6. SD Card slot for playback of digital still photos. If you have a digital still camera that uses an SD memory card, you can display images on the card by inserting the card directly into the projector.

7. NTSC/PAL compatible - PC/MAC compatible. PT-P1SDU can used to display either NTSC or PAL images, which makes it good for overseas use, as well as to be used as projection monitor for a PC or Laptop computer.

8. Multi-language onscreen menu interface. This is very convenient for overseas use.

9. Wireless credit card style wireless remote control. The wireless control can fit into a shirt pocket, which is very convenient for business or classroom use.

10. Carrying case included.

Setup and Installation

The Panasonic PT-P1SDU is easy to set up, especially for the novice.

After setting up a screen (size of your choosing), position the unit at the optimal distance from the screen (your choosing). I chose to place the unit on a mobile cart to make this easier, but the PT-P1SDU can be ceiling mounted with an accessory mount.

Starting up the projector is easy. First, plug in your source (such as a DVD player) to the proper video input. Then, plug in the power. All you have to do is turn on the single power button on the projector and wait for a blue screen or image to appear on screen.

At this point, you can raise or lower the front of the projector, use the Keystone Correction function (this adjusts the "squareness" of the image), and/or Zoom the lens to get the image to fill the screen properly. After this, use the manual focus to sharpen your image. In addition, if you are table mounting the, you may need to use the use the adjustable foot in the front of the projector to tilt the projector up or down to get the proper height-distance relationship between the screen and projector.

When you turn on your source, such as a DVD player, the PT-P1SDU will automatically search for it and project the image on to the screen.

Hardware Used In Evaluation

1. 10-foot (120-inches) diagonal (16x9) custom-made theatrical screen that I used to project images sizes ranging from full screen down to 40-inches for the purpose of this review.

2.JVC XV-NP10S DVD Player - Code Free Version with S-Video and Progressive Scan Component outputs.

3. Kiss Technology DP470 DVD Receiver with Progressive Scan Component outputs.

4. Two upscaling DVD players with 720p/1080i output capability: The Samsung DVD-HD931 w/DVI output, and the Helios X5000 DVD/Network Player with 720p,1080i output via component video connections..

5. Optoma H56 and Mitsubishi XD-350U 4x3 DLP projectors for comparison.

6. Video connections were made with Accell, Cobalt, and AR Interconnect cables.

Software Used In Evaluation

DVD software used included scenes from the following:

Kill Bill - Vol1/Vol2, The Cave, The Corpse Bride, Master and Commander, Chicago, Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, Passionada, The Cave, Alien Vs Predator, Moulin Rouge, The Mummy, Ed Wood (Region 3 - NTSC), and Crying Freeman (Region 2 - PAL).

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