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Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP Video Projector - Short Review

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Mitsubishi HC3000U HD-Compatible DLP Home Theater Projector

Mitsubishi HC3000U HD-Compatible DLP Home Theater Projector

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The Bottom Line

At an MSRP of $2,500, the Mitsubishi HC3000U offers lots of useful features and solid video performance that is normally reserved for projectors in higher price ranges. With a native pixel resolution of 1280x768 (720p), the HC3000u is HD-compatible. In addition, the video quality is excellent for a projector in this class; flesh tones, overall color saturation, and contrast levels provide a very natural looking image that is hard to find in other similarly-price units currently on the market.
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  • Picture Quality - Great contrast And Color - Natural looking image.
  • Inclusion of both HDMI and HD-Component inputs
  • 1280x768 (720P) Native Pixel Resolution - 16x9 native aspect ratio
  • Center Mounted Lens - Very logical design - Makes positioning in smaller rooms especially easy.
  • Easy to use remote - in combination with onscreen menu functions


  • No Physical Lens Shift Function
  • No Motorized Zoom or Focus Function - must be done manually at lens.
  • Lumens output could be higher for very large screen size and large room installations.
  • Could also use DVI input as well - in addition to HDMI and HD-Component inputs.
  • Replacement Lamp Cost: $395


  • Compact Video Projector with Center Mounted Lens.
  • Image size range: 40 to 275 inches.
  • Texas Instruments Dark Chip 2 with Brilliant Color Technology.
  • Native 16x9 Screen Aspect Ratio/Can also be set to 4x3.
  • 1280x768 (720P) Native Pixel Resolution - 4000:1 Constrast Ratio.
  • 3000 Hour Lamp Life in Econo mode/2000 Hours Lamp Life in Standard Mode.
  • Wireless Remote Control.
  • Easy to use owner's manual and quick startup guide.
  • HDMI, VGA, HD-Component, S-Video, and Composite Video inputs.
  • NTSC/PAL compatible - PC/MAC compatible.

Guide Review - Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP Video Projector - Short Review

The HC3000, priced at less than $2,500, offers features and performance that really brings the movie theater experience home. Setting up and using the HC3000 was very easy; the rear mounted connections are clearly labeled and spaced out, and the on-unit control buttons and remote control were easy to use in conjunction with the onscreen menus. Both the instruction manual and quick start guide were very easy to understand; a novice should have no problem setting up and using this projector.

The HC3000's practical center mounted lens design makes it easy to position and line up with the screen, especially in smaller rooms. On the other hand, the lack of motorized zoom and focus does limit flexibility in using it as a ceiling mounted unit, unless the user does mot expect to have to adjust these parameters after installation.

I found the color quality and contrast levels exceeded my expectations.

In terms of 720p performance; in using two different upscaling DVD players (set at 720p), the Samsung DVD-HD931, and the NeuNeo HVD-2085, I found that the HC3000 reproduced the upscaled performance of both units accurately (the Samsung is the better of the two). Although not true HD-sources, the HC3000 delivered the goods in terms of the upscaled source material.

The HC3000 is definitely a welcome entry into the video projector market and is an indicator of a trend that is making high quality video projection available to the average consumer. The HC3000 is a hard one to pass up.

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