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BenQ W1080ST DLP Video Projector - Photo Profile


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BenQ W1080ST DLP Video Projector - 3D Glasses
BenQ W1080ST DLP Video Projector - 3D Glasses

A photo of the optional DLP Link Active Shutter 3D Glasses available for the BenQ W1080ST DLP Video Projector.

Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
Although the BenQ W1080ST is a 3D-capable video projector, 3D glasses are not included in the box and require an optional purchase. Above is a photo of the glasses available for purchase.

The glasses are the DLP-Link Active Shutter type and come with a battery, but since they are not rechargeable you must periodically purchase a new battery (CR2032). As you can see the glasses come with soft carry bag and cleaning cloth.

For details, refer to the Offiial BenQ 3D Glasses Product Page - Compare Prices for the BenQ 3D glasses.

Final Take

The BenQ W1080ST is a video projector that features a practical design and easy-to-use operation. Also, with its short-throw lens and strong light output, this projector can project a large, bright, image in a relatively small space even with ambient light present.

For additional perspective on the features and performance of the BenQ W1080ST, also check out my Review and Video Performance Tests.

Official Product Page

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