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Best 24-Inch and Smaller LCD and LED/LCD TVs


An LCD Television in the 24-Inch and smaller category is often just the right size for a second room, office, or small apartment. Today's LCD televisions offer great performance, as well as the latest input options for Upscaling DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, and some have outputs for connection to a home theater system. A compact LCD Television is the perfect space saver. Check out some of my current favorites. Also, check out my suggestions for LCD TVs in the 26 to 29-Inch, 32 to 39-Inch, and 40-Inch and Larger screen sizes. In addition, check out more suggestions for small LCD TVs from the About.com TV/Video Site.

1. Vizio E241I-A1 24-inch Smart TV

The E241I-A1 is compact 24-inch TV from Vizio that delivers more than its small size might indicate. This set features LED edge-lighting, which not only provides better contrast, but also allows for eco-friendly power consumption, and a very slim profile. Along with the LED edge-lighting, this set boasts a native 1080p display resolution so you can all the detail in Blu-ray Discs and high-def TV broadcasts, and for connection convenience one HDMI, a shared composite/component input, a VGA-PC monitor input, and a USB port for playback of compatible media files are also provided. It must be noted that since the composite and component input is shared, you cannot connect a composite and component video source to the TV at the same time.

However, the big bonus is that this TV is also a SmartTV, with built-in Ethernet and WiFi for connection options for access to your home network or the internet, enabling users to stream content from a host of providers such as Netflix, Vudu, HuluPlus, and more. This set is a great option for small spaces and can even used as computer monitor.
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Also available, the Vizio E241-A1, which is the same TV without the Smart TV features (Compare Prices for the E241-A1).

2. ViewSonic VT2405LED 24-inch LED/LCD TV

The ViewSonic VT2405LED may be small, but it offers features and performance found on larger LCD sets. Hidden behind its modestly sized 24-inch screen is a pixel resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p), a real-world contrast ratio of 1000:1, both HDMI and HD-Component Video Inputs, and PC monitor input. Also, with built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners, this set can receive both analog and HDTV signals, whether over-the-air or via cable (non-premium channels). This set may just be the perfect solution for bedroom, office, or even a dorm room. In addition, it can also be used as a PC monitor via its VGA input. Also, because of its small size, this set may be great to use in a video editing setup.
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3. Toshiba 23L1350U 23-inch LED/LCD TV

The Toshiba 23L1350U is a compact TV that incorporates a 23-inch screen and LED edge-lighting, for better contrast and thinner space saving setup. Another bonus is that despite its modest screen size, this set boasts a 1080p display resolution, as well as a gaming mode that reduces the lag time between a game controller and display response. For audio, this set also incorporates an "invisible" thin profile speaker system with Audyssey EQ and ABX audio processing. This set is great for those looking for something small that still provides high-resolution performance. The set can also be used as computer monitor.
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4. Samsung UN22F5000AF 22-inch LED/LCD TV

Samsung brings LED edge-lighting to the 22-inch screen size. The UN22F5000AF has great styling. Featuring a 16x9 screen, 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution, wide contrast ratio, and 120Hz refresh rate, the set delivers a very pleasing image. In addition, with 2 HDMI inputs, ATSC tuner, and USB port, you can enjoy true high definition from a variety of sources, including from USB flash drives or external hard drive. Another bonus is the LED edge-lighting makes the UN22F5000AF very energy efficient. If you are looking for a space-saving, but high quality, LCD TV, that will also save on your electric bill, definitely check out the Samsung UN22F5000AF.

However, do keep in mind that there is no audio output provided for connection to an external audio system to get better sound. However, it does provide a headphone output.
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5. Vizio E221-A1 22-inch LED/LCD TV

Vizio is probably one of the most aggressively priced, and successful TV brands in the U.S.. Their strategy is to sell through warehouse stores, such as Costco and Sams Clubs, but you may find their products at other outlets. Although their sets are priced lower than the competition, they do offer a quality product. The E221-A1, features a 22-inch (actually 21.5-inch) screen, LED edge lighting, 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution, excellent contrast, and a 5ms response time. This set also has 1 HDMI input, 1 PC monitor input, and a shared composite/component video input. If you are looking for a compact, thin profile, LCD television, that is also very energy efficient (25 watts average during operation), definitely include this set on your consideration list.
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