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Best 3D LCD, LED/LCD, and Plasma TVs


3D is the new buzzword in home theater, but what are the best 3D TVs? To get you started in finding the 3D TV that is right for you, check out my current list of Best 3D TVs. Also, keep in mind that in order to watch 3D, you will also need 3D glasses and 3D content provided by a Blu-ray Disc player, or 3D-enabled Cable/Satellite Box, and, of course, 3D Blu-ray movies and TV programs. For more details, also read my articles: 3D Home Theater Basics and 3D TV Pros and Cons. Also, I have more 3D TV suggestions included in my in LCD and Plasma TV product lists.

NOTE: As of December 31, 2013 Panasonic is discontinuing the production of its Plasma TV product line (which includes their 3D models), with the supply line to retailers expected to end by March 2014. This will leave LG and Samsung as the remaining sources for new Plasma TVs, until otherwise indicated. Panasonic 3D Plasma TVs will continue to be included on this list as long as they are available via online retailers and major secondary market sources.

1. Sharp LC-90LE745U 90-inch 3D LED/LCD TV

Sharp LC-90LE745U
Sharp Corporation
If are looking for a really large 3D TV, check out the 90-inch Sharp LC-90LE745U. 3D viewing is provided using active shutter glasses, and is supported by full array LED backlighting, 1080p native resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, augmented with 240 Hz backlight scanning, and excellent contrast ratio. In addition network connectivity (wired or wifi) is incorporated to provide access to internet streaming content, a full web browser, and even direct online tech support. You can even use the TV to make Skype video phone calls (camera required).

However, even though LC-90LE745U is quite large, it only consumes an average of about 150 watts (maximum 380 watts). Also, despiste a 90-inch screen size, the set is only 5-inches deep and weighs about 140 lbs.

For more details, including images, read the Official Sharp Announcement, and Official LC-90LE745U Product Page. Compare Prices

Is 90-inches too large for you? If so, then check out Sharp's 80-inch LC-80LE844U 3D LED/LCD TV. Compare Prices

2. LG 60LA74003D LED/LCD TV with Passive Glasses

The 60LA7400 one of the entries in LG's line of 3D LED/LCD TVs that utilize LG Cinema 3D technology. LG Cinema 3D takes the emphasis away from 3D TVs that require Active Shutter Glasses to 3D TVs that use Passive Polarized Glasses. Also, for two player game play, the 60LA7400 also provides split screen point-of-view using another type of glasses (additional purchase required).


Some of the the benefits of passive glasses, include better 3D viewing comfort, increased brightness of 3D images, no need for battery charging or replacement, and the lower prices charged for passive 3D glasses (Four pairs included with TV - extras about $10 each). However, one consideration is that using passive glasses with a 1080p 3D TV, although 2 viewing is full 1080p, unlike 3D TVs utilizing active shutter glasses, the 3D resolution is slightly lower for 3D images.

However, that being said, the LG 60LA7400 is worth consideration and also offers a host of other great features, including a large 60-inch screen size, real time 3D conversion for 2D sources, 3D to 2D conversion (if desired), 240Hz screen refresh rate, network connectivity via ethernet or WiFi connection, and internet streaming.
Compare Prices

Also available in a smaller 55-inch (Compare Prices for the LG 55LA7400) and 47-inch (Compare Prices for the LG 47LA7400) screen sizes.

3. Samsung UN55F8000 55-inch 3D Network LED/LCD TV

The Samsung UN55F8000 55-inch 3D LED/LCD TV enables you to watch 3D Blu-ray Discs from a 3D-enabled Blu-ray Disc player, as well as built-in real-time 2D-to-3D conversion. Although not as precise as content specifically produced in 3D, the conversion process does add depth to 2D images. Four pairs of active shutter 3D glasses are included with the TV.


In addition to 3D, the UN55F8000 is a top-notch LCD TV with excellent 1080p 2D images supported by Samsung's Clear Motion Rate 1200 which combines screen refresh rate (240Hz), image processing, and LED lighting technology to produce detailed smooth motion images.

The UN55F8000 also provides extensive Smart TV capabilities supported by Quad Core Processing (just like a PC) and built-in WiFi, that provides you with access with an abundance internet and home network-based content via Samsung's Smart Hub and Apps features, including a full web browser.

Other perkes include built-in facial recognition camera which allows you to make Skype video phone calls and control some TV functions via hand gestures. Samsung also provides a Smart Touch Remote that also allows the TV to be controlled by voice. This TV is definitely worth checking out.
Compare Prices


(46-inches -Compare Prices), (60-inches - Compare Prices), (65-inches - Compare Prices), and (75-inches Compare Prices).

4. Panasonic TC-L55ET60 55-inch 3D Network LED/LCD TV

Although Panasonic's emphasis in on Plasma TV technology, they are more deeply investing in LCD TV technology with sets that provide very attractive, slim styling, eco-concious energy consumption, and easy-to-use customizable on-screen menu system.


The Panasonic TC-L55ET60 features a large 55-inch LCD screen size and the incorporation of 3D (both native and 2D-to-3D conversion) using passive 3D glasses technology (two pairs of glasses are included). In addition, this set incorporates full 2D 1080p display resolution, wide viewing angle IPS LCD panel, backlight scanning in addition to a 120Hz screen refresh rate, and Wifi connectivity for convenient access to a host streaming and social media content from the internet or network-connected PCs.

Also, if you are gamer, the 55ET60 also features a game mode that provides faster game controller-to-screen reaction time response.

Compare Prices

If 55-inches is too large for you (although the larger the screen the more immersive the 3D experience), also check out the 50-inch TC-L50ET60 (compare prices).

5. Sony BRAVIA KDL-70R550A 3D Internet LED/LCD TV

The Sony KDL-70R550A provides a great viewing experience, whether viewing full 3D or standard 2D. The viewing experience is suported by a 70-inch screen, 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution, and an almost unlimited contrast ratio bolstered by LED Edge Lighting, and 120Hz screen refresh rate combined with Motion Flow XR240 processing. For 3D viewing the KDL-70R550A requires the use of passive glasses, four pairs of which are included with the set.


This set also provides four HDMI 1.4a inputs, built-in ATSC/QAM tuners, which allow reception of over-the-air HDTV signals and Digital/HD-cable (non-premium channels), and USB port for playing audio/video/still images from compatible devices. Also, built-in WiFi connectivity is provided which allows internet streaming from a variety of online sources, including movies and music from the Sony Entertainment Network.
Compare Prices

Don't have room for a 70-inch TV? If so, this set is also available in a 60-inch (KDL-60R550A - Compare Prices) and 55-inch (KDL-50R550A - Compare Prices) Screen Sizes.

6. Sharp LC-80LE844U 80-inch 3D LED/LCD TV

If you are looking for a really big LCD TV, you have to check out the Sharp LC-80LE844U. This sets boasts an 80-inch screen size that has double the surface area of a 55-inch TV.

Besides having a huge screen, the LC-80LE844U packs in a lot of features including: 3D viewing capability supported by 1080p native resolution, 240Hz screen refresh rate, Full Array LED Backlighting and Quattron four color technology.

The LC-80LE844U also features network connectivity via Ethernet or WiFi connection. This provides access to internet content from providers, such as CinemaNow, Netflix, and Vudu. The LC-80LE632U can also access media content stored on flash drives (accessible by USB port) or your PC via DLNA functionality.

However, even though the LC-80LE844U features full-array LED backlighting, it does not incorporate local dimming.
Compare Prices

Even if you have no intentions of buy either of these TVs, if you have a chance to see them in action, it is definitely worth your time.

7. LG 47LA6900 47-inch LED/LED 3D Network TV

The LG 47LA6900 one of the increasing number of 3D LED/LCD TVs that utilize LG Cinema 3D technology. Instead of requiring Active Shutter Glasses to view 3D, the 47LM6900 utilizes Passive Polarized Glasses.

Some of the the benefits of passive glasses, include better 3D viewing comfort, increased brightness of 3D images, no need for battery charging or replacement, and the lower prices charged for passive 3D glasses (about $10 each - but the TV comes with six pairs). However, one consideration is that using passive glasses with a 1080p 3D TV, unlike 3D TVs utilizing active shutter glasses, the 3D resolution drops somewhat for 3D images.

Additional features provided on the 47LA6900 include real time 3D conversion for 2D sources, 3D to 2D conversion (if desired), 120Hz screen refresh rate, network streaming from PCs and other compatible devices, as well as internet streaming from a host of content provider, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, and more via ethernet or WiFi connection. Compare Prices

Also available in larger 50-inch (Compare Prices for the LG 50LA6900) and 55-inch (Compare Prices for the LG 55LA6900) screen sizes (larger screen sizes provide a more immersive 3D viewing experience).

8. Samsung UN46F7500AF 46-inch 3D LED/LCD TV

The Samsung UN46F7500AF LED/LCD TV enables you to watch 3D Blu-ray Discs from a 3D-enabled Blu-ray Disc player, but the UN60F7500AF also features built-in real-time 2D-to-3D conversion. Although the effect is not as precise as it is from content specifically produced in 3D, the conversion process does add depth to 2D images. On the other hand, even if you don't partake in the 3D experience, the UN46F7500AF produces excellent 1080p 2D images.


Also, the UN46F7500AF provides four HDMI inputs, shared component/composite video inputs, and two USB ports for access all your home theater components and USB flash drives.

Also, the UN46F7500AF is also a fully equipped Smart TV. With built-in ethernet and Wifi, user have access to an abundant of internet content via Samsung Apps, including Netflix, as well as content stored on compatible network connected PCs and media servers. In fact you can even make Skype video phone calls using the built-in pop-up webcam.
Compare Prices

Also available in larger 55-inch (UN55F7500AF - compare prices) and 60-inch (UN60F7500AF - compare prices) screen sizes. Note: If you have the budget and the space, a larger screen will deliver a more immersive 3D viewing experience.

9. Toshiba 58L7350U 58-inch 3D LED/LCD Cloud TV

The Toshiba 58L7350U is an affordable 58-inch LCD TV that not only offers a great 2D or 3D (including 2D-to-3D conversion) viewing experience from your Blu-ray Discs, DVD, or cable/satellite programs but also brings both PC and online-based audio/video content to your home theater, such as Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, and podcasts from CNET, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC via Toshiba's Cloud TV platform. The 58L7350U provides both wired (ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) internet connection options. Additional connection options include 4 HDMI, both Component and Composite, as well as two USB ports for accessing audio, video, and still image files stored on flash drives. Of course a tuner is built-in for reception of over-the-air TV signals.


The 58L7350U also utilizes LED edge-lighting which results in both a thinner design and eco-friendly power consumption. In addition, the 58L7350U features 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution, combined with a 240Hz Clear scan processing that delivers a detailed image with smooth motion response.

Although I always recommend the use of an external audio system for a full home theater experience, the 58L7350U does incorporate a slim speaker design supported by Audyssey Premium Television audio processing that provides enhanced audio for built-in TV audio systems.

NOTE: For 3D viewing the 58L7350U utilizes the active system and two pairs of 3D glasses come with the set.
Compare Prices

If 58-inches is just a little too small, this set is also available in a larger 65-inch version (65L7350U - Compare Prices).

10. Panasonic VT60 Series THX-Certified 3D Plasma TVs

If you looking for a great 3D TV, check out the Panasonic VT60 Series Plasma TVs. First up, the VT60 is THX Certified for both 2D and 3D performance, as as providing ISFccc calibration modes.


The VT60 series is compatible with all major 3D content sources, including 3D Blu-ray Discs, cable/satellite, broadcast, and internet streaming (when available). These sets also perform 2D-to-3D conversion. Viewing 3D requires the use of Active Shutter glasses (two pairs are included). However, for those time you wish not to view 3D, these sets produce great 1080p 2D images with excellent motion and black level response via Panasonic's NeoPlasma Panel.

Of course, great image quality for both 2D and 3D viewing isn't the whole story. The VT60 series also provides both ethernet and Wifi options for easy access to internet content, such as Netflix and Vudu, as well as media content stored on your PC or DLNA certified network connected device.

Added bonuses include a customizable home screen, Swipe and Share (allows back-and-forth content display between the TV and compatible portable devices, voice interaction via included touch pad remote, and a built-in camera for both Skype video phone calling and facial recognition - the VT60 will recognize your face and call up your personally designated home screen. You can even operate the TV on your iOS or Android device via Panasonic's free downloadable Viera Remote 2 App.

The VT Series is available in a 55-inch (TC-P55VT60 Compare Prices), 60-inch (TC-P60VT60 - Compare Prices), or 65-inch (TC-P65VT60 - Compare Prices) screen size.

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